Star Trek: Voyager “Threshold” (part 3 of 7)

So back to Paris in the simulation, traveling at warp 9.92, and his image is oddly elongated, much like Paula Abdul’s “Promise of a New Day” video. Or how most European broadcasts look when they’re replayed over here in the States, actually. The “shuttle” is rumbling and rocking, and right before it hits 9.97, Paris happily reports that the “pylons are secure!” He passes warp 9.99, and then the ride abruptly gets smooth, and he announces that he’s reached warp 10. And this, apparently, is some big sign of success. I really have to wonder, how could a holodeck simulate something that was previously considered impossible? And even if it could, why would any rational person take this as a promising indicator of success in reality?

Caption contributed by Albert

“Hahah! I did it! I downloaded a PAL broadcast!”

We hear B’Elanna’s voice, sounding a little too much like she’s in a video game, saying, “You’ve crossed the threshold! You’ve done it!” Bonus points! Prepare for the next level! We pull back and find all of this is playing on a viewscreen, and the entire senior staff of Voyager is sitting in a conference room and watching gleefully.

The captain of the ship, Captain Kathryn Janeway (because that’s the way Kate Mulgrew always said it: “Captain Kathryn Janeway”) is pleased. She recounts in her raspy Hepburn voice how Paris came to her a while back and said he had found a way to “cross the transwarp threshold”. But at the time, she considered it all “fantasy” and laughed in his face. Well, I kind of added that last thing. But oh, how times have changed. She and her Power Bun gracefully congratulate them all.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: Voyager "Threshold"

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