Star Trek: Voyager “The Fight” (part 1 of 5)

SUMMARY: Voyager is trapped in “chaotic space”. The unseen aliens that inhabit the area turn on Chakotay’s “crazy gene” during a boxing match in the holodeck. Despite fearing for his own sanity, Chakotay goes on a vision quest, meets his dear old (and decidedly crazy) grandfather, and spars with the aliens in boxing matches. The aliens communicate with Chakotay—mostly by punching him in the head—and eventually he pushes the big ol’ Reset Button, er, I mean, he uses the aliens’ knowledge to help Voyager escape from “chaotic space”.

Note from the Webmaster: Please join me in welcoming another new recapper to the Agony Booth ranks! Okay, not really. Mark’s Agonizer mini-recap of Nude on the Moon was posted back in September, but this is his first full-fledged recap. Also, he stepped up to the plate to take on an episode of Voyager, to get the Worst of Trek back on track, and allow me to get to Enterprise that much sooner. So big thanks to Mark!

Before we launch full bore into this adventure, it might be a good idea to explain where I am, vis-à-vis Voyager and the Star Trek franchise in general. See, Voyager is about where I stopped watching Star Trek. Not that this was necessarily the fault of Voyager, mind you.

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Mark M. Meysenburg

Mark teaches at Doane College, a liberal arts college in Crete, Nebraska. Most of his teaching involves computer science, but Mark also occasionally teaches mathematics and the history of science; he has also been known to offer three week courses on the worst movies ever made. Mark's bad movie obsession was kindled in the early 1980s by the Medved brothers, then fanned to full flame by late-night showings of Plan 9 from Outer Space. Who could have predicted the long term effects of satin-pajama-clad, mincing alien menace? Mark's other interests include homebrew beer and wine, and practicing and teaching martial arts.

Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: Voyager "The Fight"
TV Show: Star Trek: Voyager

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