Star Trek “Spock's Brain” (part 3 of 4)

When we return, we’re deep within the confines of the Eymorg city, and find it to be a virtual paradise where a hot redheaded gal feeds fruit to a male slave. Wait, she realizes that it’s supposed to work the other way when you have a slave, right?

Two women gather around Luma as she puts on a broad pantomime show, acting out how Kirk pointed his phaser and then collapsed. The brunette intruder enters, and all the women take seats around a t-shaped table, surrounded by their male slaves. Meanwhile, the unconscious men from the Enterprise are all sitting upright on stools. Wait… unconscious, and sitting upright on stools? Is that even possible?

Star Trek "Spock's Brain" (part 3 of 4)

Barflies should take lessons from these guys.

Anyway, the Eymorg Think Tank sits, and more Wrist Splint action wakes the Enterprise men. They find they’re wearing gaudy belts with huge circular buckles that look like giant green Rolos. The brunette tries to interrogate the men, but Kirk stands and demands to know where Spock’s brain is. “Ah, yes, brain,” the brunette says. “You spoke to Luma also of brain, but we do not understand!”

Kirk yells that she was on the Enterprise and took Spock’s brain, but the woman says she knows “only here below and here above! This is our place!” In the kitchen, I assume she means. Kirk says he saw her on his starship, but McCoy calls him over to let him know that “Disassociation could be complete.” Thanks for the expert opinion, Doctor.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek "Spock's Brain"

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  • Statalyzer

    { “It’s no use,” the doctor says. “You’ll get nothing out of that one. Hers is the mind of a child!” Just like all women, right, Bones }

    Not like the men were any less dumb in this one.

  • Statalyzer

    {Spock says he’s not worth the risk, but McCoy declares, “I might be able to retain and bring these techniques to the world!” Huh? The world? What? Which world? Which planet will be so fortunate? (Obviously, the word he was looking for is “galaxy”.) }

    He was using the word correctly. World does not only mean planet.