Star Trek “Spock's Brain” (part 2 of 4)

When we return, a log entry reveals the stardate to be “4351.5”. The last stardate was “5431.4”, so either somebody screwed up, or Kirk’s dyslexic. Kirk, Scott, Chekov, and some redshirts beam down to the now-familiar “alien planet covered in foam boulders” set. They all make some flaccid “shivering” motions, so Kirk casually orders, “Suit temperatures to 72.” Wow, is that all they had to do? Something tells me this “self-warming suit” technology would have come in very handy in the episode “The Enemy Within” (The One With The Evil Kirk) when they couldn’t beam Sulu up from that freezing cold planet.

And, hey, how nice of Kirk to actually order them to warm themselves up. What would they do without him?

Oh, and I always thought the Trek universe operated on Celsius, but 72 degrees Celsius is 161 degrees Farenheit. So I hope not.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek "Spock's Brain"

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