Star Trek “And the Children Shall Lead...” (part 5 of 5)

Once they get to Auxiliary Control, Kirk goes to Scotty and orders him to override bridge navigation controls, but suddenly Scotty gets all obsessive-compulsive on him:

Scotty: These are very sensitive instruments! I will not have ya upset their delicate balance! We would all be lost, forever lost!

In response, Kirk and Spock nearly roll their eyes at each other. Then they turn and see Token Black Kid giving them the fist pumping action from behind the hexagonal grating, complete with that obnoxious blaring music cue. Scotty tells Kirk to “Go away now. Go away, or we’ll kill ya!” Kirk tries to reason with Scotty, describing Jon Voight’s plan to go to Marcus XII and kill millions of people. After a shot of Black Kid pumping his fist which accomplishes… well, nothing actually, Kirk makes a try for the controls.

He gets wrestled away by Redshirts, and after a momentary brawl, Kirk and Spock run out. Outside, Kirk says he’s alright, and that “my beast is finished. It won’t return.” Okay, why not? Why is it that Kirk and Spock are the only ones who can overcome the MasTurbo Power by sheer force of will? Other than the fact that they’re the stars of the show, I mean.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek "And the Children Shall Lead..."
TV Show: Star Trek

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  • Statalyzer

    { Uhura turns to her control panel and abruptly has a mirror in front of her [!] that clearly wasn’t there in any previous shots. }

    I hate to defend any part of this episode, but that was part of the illusion.