Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Outrageous Okona” (part 6 of 6)

Back in the dull Romeo and Juliet rip-off (which, somehow, is even more of a rip-off than that story Mr. T told about Jackie and Ricky), Okona talks to Lady Capulet, reminding her of all the things she’s done for Timberlake, and vice versa, and how they truly do love each other, blah blah blah. The orchestra swoops in as Capulet proclaims her love for Timberlake and Timberlake asks her to marry him. And, of course, she says yes.

Okona whistles to get Timberlake’s attention, and then tosses the Jewel of Thesia on over. For a “national heritage”, they sure have no compunction about treating it like a softball. Also, I’m getting less “national treasure” from this object than I am “cheap broach from Zales”. I’m just sayin’.

Well, the two lovebirds hold hands and another stupid bit is made out of the dads arguing about which planet they’ll live on. Picard comes over and is like, “My name’s Paul, and that’s between y’all” and tells them to get the hell off his ship already. He says the Enterprise has some “business” to attend to, namely, the business of ending this insipid plot. Okona beams proudly as the dads say, “My grandson!” to each other. Oh, a minute ago it was all “bastard child”, now it’s “my grandson”. What’s that all about?

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Outrageous Okona"
TV Show: Star Trek: The Next Generation

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  • Albert Giesbrecht

    In case you didn’t notice Teri Hatcher and the other women Okona seduces are barefoot!

  • Monoceros4

    Oh, man…one of the immortal low points of Trek. Star Trek has never handled either sex or humor very well (“Trouble with Tribbles” excepted) and this ghastly episode tries to do both.

    I should mention…I may be in the minority of Trekkies here, but I don’t like Data. At all. He became a sort of TNG plot generator: if the TNG writers couldn’t think of a real story they could always cook up some plot where Data broke down in some dangerous way, or got commandeered, or wanted to learn how to be more human. It didn’t help that Brent Spiner basically sucks as an actor even though he seemed to think he was really good, which is how you ended up with embarrassing rubbish like, oh, anything with Lore in it. What’s worse, the character came to be treated like he was the ship’s favorite pet, so when a genuinely interesting character came along who treated Data like he deserved to be treated–Dr. Pulaski–everyone hated her because it was like she was kicking a puppy. Which, I suppose, she was, but when a pet’s been spoiled rotten it deserves the occasional kicking.

  • Pixalu

    Okona. Hmm, seems like Joss Whedon watched this episode and thought “This character sucks, but he does have potential” Hence the birth of Mal…

  • Soli

    As much as I hate to give this episode credit for anything, “rogue” can apply to wild elephants. Usually it means they are dangerous.

    What I really would have liked to see is a subplot where the entire cast of Monty Python educated Data on humor. His head probably would have exploded from the delightful randomness of it all.

    Can someone please explain why, in the hyper-enlightened super-perfect world of the Federation, transvestitism would still be considered inherently humorous? It’s not actually funny by itself, and thankfully we 21st-century savages are starting to figure this out.

  • Ida Rathernotsay

    I just refound this series on Hulu Plus and found this thread. I’m glad these recaps are up even if they are old – are there more? As for Whoopie’s “Your a droid and I’m a noid” joke then sniffing that there was nothing wrong with her joke just Data when he doesn’t laugh – as much as I like Whoopie I’ve heard her talk for years and I think that’s probably her attitude in real life. It isn’t that her joke isn’t funny it’s that there’s something wrong with the listener if they don’t laugh. I’ve been looking for the recap of the episode that constantly makes everyone’s “worst episode” list – the dreadful “Code of Honor”. Is it still up?

    • Muthsarah

      It doesn’t look like there is one; I don’t remember seeing one, anyway. There are four others, just click on the link above next to “Post 2 of 5”.

      You have seen SF Debris’ review of it, though, right?

  • Cameron Vale

    If you pretend that Data is being bitterly sarcastic for the entire episode and it’s sailing right over everyone’s heads, it actually makes more sense.