Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Last Outpost” (part 1 of 3)

SUMMARY: Humanity is being judged by an omnipotent being (what, is it Thursday again already?). Fortunately, this time we only have to come off better than the Ferengi.

Before we begin, I understand there were some questions as to why I chose the episode “The Battle” for my previous recap. I guess part of the confusion stemmed from the “Worst of Trek” banner that gets automatically applied to any Star Trek recaps on this site.

What I’m recapping in this series is not “the worst of Trek”, exactly, although at times there will certainly be some overlap (including, arguably, this very episode). What I actually intend to do here is recap all the major episodes of the various Star Trek franchises featuring the buttmonkey species of the Alpha Quadrant, the Ferengi.

I’m tentatively calling this series…

Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Last Outpost" (part 1 of 3)

…and yes, I am open to having that redone by someone who actually knows something about graphic design.

As for why I didn’t mention this in my recap of “The Battle”, well, you never tell the customer everything up front. I’m pretty sure there’s a Rule of Acquisition about that.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Last Outpost"
TV Show: Star Trek: The Next Generation

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