Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Battle” (part 3 of 4)

Back to Picard and Crusher. Crusher pulls something out of her case that seems to give the captain some relief. She’s hung up on the idea that Picard’s headache must be some kind of “emotional pressure connected with the Stargazer”, but Picard quickly shoots that idea down, noting that the headaches started well before the Stargazer showed up. But he still allows that she might be “partly right”. Actually, no, captain, you just proved her completely wrong. Really, I should be cutting Picard slack here for reasons that will be clear at the end, but Dr. Crusher has far fewer excuses.

“Want to talk about it?” she offers. No, Ms. McFadden, you’re not Troi. I know that’s the role you originally tried out for, but Martina Sirtis won it, and you’re the ship’s doctor, so please act like it.

Sorry. Now this episode is starting to screw with my head.

At any rate, this gives Picard a chance to chew up both some scenery and some screen time expressing doubts he’s starting to have about what happened at Maxia, and whether or not he’s going crazy. To which Dr. Crusher responds by… silently giving him another injection. No, really. This one is a sedative, but not a particularly strong one, as he’s able to go lie down without assistance.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Battle" (part 3 of 4)

She then leaves him to rest, alone and unobserved. Because that’s exactly what you do when someone’s acting increasingly irrational, and wondering aloud about their own sanity. Sure enough, as Picard tries to rest, the sounds from nine years ago come back to torment him some more. I think I may need an aspirin now.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Battle"

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