Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Battle” (part 1 of 4)

[Webmaster’s note: Special thanks go out to Joshua Hutcheson for helping to proofread and edit this recap!]

SUMMARY: Captain Picard has a headache this big, and it’s got Ferengi written all over it.

So, I had this conversation with Albert the other day:

Kevin: Hey, Albert. I know it’s been a while since my Space Mutiny recap, but I was wondering if you were interested in letting me have another crack at writing for the Agony Booth?
Albert: Sure! We’ve been doing a lot of ‘80s TV lately, you know, The A-Team, Family Ties
Kevin: Hmm… Well, Star Trek: The Next Generation started in the ‘80s, how about I do some of that?
Albert: Star Trek recaps?! On the Agony Booth?! That’s… brilliant!!

Okay, it might not have gone precisely like that. But at any rate, here I am, and off we go!

This was the ninth episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation to air, and like most first season episodes, it had writing that you could charitably describe as “choppy”. I think it’s fair to say that if it wasn’t Star Trek, there’s no telling if it would have actually seen a second season. But of course it was, it did, and it did get better. But that’s another story.

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I've been a writer on the web for just about as long as there's been a web, writing mostly about pro wrestling in the 1990's and lately branching out into whatever catches my fancy. Sometimes (as a product of the golden age of the video arcade) I go by my initials, "KJP".

Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Battle"
TV Show: Star Trek: The Next Generation

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  • Daniel B

    >> The sad part here is that not only should this really be suspicious to Picard and company,”

    Why should it? The Ferengi weren’t well known at this time.

    >> Crusher then gives Picard something that “cloaks” his headache

    That line was really really bad. “The pain is still there, but it’s cloaked.” Um, idiot writer, if you can’t feel pain, then there is no pain.

  • Muzer

    No, no, *no*, it was Denise Crosby (Yar, remember her? :P) who tried for the part of Troi, not Gates McFadden and vice versa, but they were switched before the end. Just think if it’d been the other way around, we would’ve had less screen time/development for Worf and no irritating counsellor (but an irritating security chief instead)…