Star Trek: The Next Generation “Sub Rosa” (part 3 of 4)

Down at the weather control station, Geordi and Data get weird readings. The source turns out to be Groundskeeper Willie kneeling below a console, yanking on random circuits and wires. Data tries to stop him, but Willie cries, “Yew dunna unnerstand! He’s tryin’a kill us all!” Just then, some cartoon green electrical bolts come out of the machine and hit Willie, frying his Mars bar good. Data feels his pulse and says he’s dead.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "Sub Rosa" (part 3 of 4)

I’m just thankful he’s not wearing a kilt.

Soon, the Governor is down at the station. He doesn’t know why Willie was attempting to shut down the entire weather control system. Geordi says it’ll take at least a day to get the system back online, during which the severe weather will continue.

Dr. Crusher is there, and she calls the men over. Crouching over Willie’s body, she says it wasn’t mucking around with the wires that killed him, because there’s an “anomalous energy residual” in his body. Data detects the same “anaphasic signature” as whatever’s causing the problems with the weather control system. According to my Treknobabble-to-English dictionary, that’s another way of saying that whatever’s causing the storm also killed Willie.

Crusher has a random Blue Shirt take the body back to the ship for more tests. The Governor wonders why Crusher won’t be running those tests herself. “I have some things I need to attend to,” she explains. Oh, I bet she does. Namely, a little Ghostly Afternoon Delight.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: The Next Generation "Sub Rosa"

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