Star Trek: The Next Generation “Sub Rosa” (part 2 of 4)

Cut to Picard and Crusher strolling through the corridors of the ship. Crusher reveals all the private, way-too-intimate stuff she’s learned from reading Nana’s diaries. “You know she had a lover? Do you believe that? Nana was a hundred years old!”

“Mmmm,” Picard says, his interest a little too piqued. “It would seem that the Howard women have exceptionally vigorous libidos!” You wish, Jean-Luc.

Crusher lets it drop that Nana’s lover was in his thirties. All together now: Ewwww! Crusher says the guy’s name is “Ronin”, which makes no sense, since it’s a Japanese word for a rogue samurai. Regardless, Ronin is 34 years old, and he and Nana met immediately after Crusher’s great-grandmother died (hint-hint). Crusher thinks Ronin must be the Mysterious Stranger™ who dropped the camellia onto Nana’s grave. She’s mystified, however, because Nana never mentioned him.

Picard says they’ll be on Caldos for a few days. “This will be a good opportunity for you to get your grandmother’s affairs in order!” Buh-dum-bum! Actually, it’s not even played like a pun, which somehow makes it dumber. Crusher heads into her quarters, and outside, an obviously terrified Picard goes, “Thirties!” Hey, I’m right there with you, Captain.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: The Next Generation "Sub Rosa"

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