Star Trek: The Next Generation “Sub Rosa” (part 1 of 4)

Summary: Instead of writing my own summary, I’d thought I’d provide the description from the back cover of the Harlequin Books novelization* of this episode.

(*You’ll note I was able to get a copy of this novel despite it not actually existing. I’ve got connections, baby, what can I say?) Anyway, here’s what it would say if it existed:

Dr. Beverly Crusher is a Starfleet medical officer adrift on a starship, a healer who can cure everything but her damaged heart. Her soul is as empty as the darkness of space. When her grandmother dies, she visits the colony where, just like Beverly, her beloved Nana was a healer. The writings in Nana’s journal are bittersweet with regrets and protected secrets. Memories linger there as well, memories of a seductive stranger known only as Ronin.

Soon, Beverly’s dreams are haunted by Ronin, a seductive spirit who is sensual and primal and sensually primal-licious. With a dreamlike power, he enters her life with dreamlike, hypnotic passion that burns like a dying star, yet with dreamlike kisses that refresh like the polar ice caps of a Class M planet. Their explosive chemistry threatens to overwhelm Beverly, and she has to make a choice: Starfleet or unbelievable, non-stop sex?

After recapping a couple of episodes of the original series, I figured it was finally time to dish out some of that abuse to the spin-offs; They’ve certainly earned it. So let’s start with the adventures of Picard and the Enterprise-D.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: The Next Generation "Sub Rosa"

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