Star Trek: The Next Generation “Conspiracy” (part 4 of 4)

Riker and Picard subdue the conspirators with relative ease, and the parasites within them crawl out their mouths and scurry away. Hell if I know how they get from the back of the neck to the mouth, but we’re almost to the end, so that’s just nitpicking.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "Conspiracy" (part 4 of 4)

They chase the last one (a rather cheesily rendered bit of f/x, I might add) into a room where Remmick is sitting. Remmick is quite calm about the entire matter, as the creature climbs up and sits on his shoulder. He opens his mouth and it climbs in.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "Conspiracy" (part 4 of 4)

This causes his neck begins to bulge and pulsate while he creepily intones, “You don’t understand. We mean you no harm. We seek peaceful coexistence!”

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Carl was adamant that he did not want to get that goiter checked out.

Picard and Riker are not convinced, an attitude they express in a refreshingly non-Trekkian manner by pulling out their phasers and shooting Remmick in the face until his head explodes messily.

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That’s pretty much what watching and recapping “The Alternative Factor” did to me.

The fun is just starting though, as Remmick’s chest burns open and a huge slug creature (you could call it the Queen Alien, if you were so inclined) emerges, screeching.

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“Hello, my baby, hello, my honey…”

It gets the phaser treatment as well, vaporizing and leaving only Remmick’s smoking, headless carcass with a huge gaping hole where his chest used to be, with a bunch of dead parasites surrounding him.

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Probably too late for some Rolaids at this point.

Yep, no negotiating, no handwringing, just taking aim and blowing the damn thing’s head off. This was added in post, as our heroes were initially supposed to encounter just a full-sized creature. I like this ending though, simply because it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen in the franchise, and will probably never see again. It’s a moment that just sticks with you.

The episode ends with Picard reporting Quinn will be fine, and the creature inside Remmick was keeping the others alive, meaning everyone who had been taken over is okay now.

The show ends things on an ominous note, as Data reports Remmick sent a message to the alien home world before losing his head, a plot thread that sadly was never followed up on. I for one would have loved to see more exploding heads on this show. It’s made even creepier by the end fade to credits being accompanied by the sound of the beacon.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "Conspiracy" (part 4 of 4)

This was a fantastic episode. Paced very well, with good acting, and while the f/x work is a little dodgy, that just adds to the charm of the whole thing. Trek didn’t often do horror, but in this case, it worked quite well.

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