Star Trek (TAS) “The Infinite Vulcan” (part 4 of 4)

A very, very brief scene on the Enterprise shows they’re ready to start that tight beam transmission, and then it’s back to the gripping ethical debate on the planet’s surface. Kirk reminds 50-Foot Spock that Vulcans don’t condone meaningless death, and that Normal-Sized Spock’s death is meaningless if it’s just to “create a giant version of himself.”

Kuniclius interjects, pointing out that Giant Spock is actually superior, and will be the start of a master race. But then Kirk’s communicator makes a noise and, for some unfathomable reason, he gets 50-Foot Spock to answer it. [?]

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Number One

Number One was created by two computer geeks using a Memotech MX512, some wrinkled old copies of Hustler and a wind machine. She enjoys propping her breasts up with pink lamé and empowering naive, socially inept sci-fi nerds. Actually, the latter of those two sentences is sort of true.

Multi-Part Article: Star Trek (TAS) "The Infinite Vulcan"
TV Show: Star Trek (TAS)

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  • Graeme

    “Don’t fight me, Agmar. Let’s stop pretending. You’re too much weed to ignore.” (And anyone who gets that deserves a medal.)”

    Good grief, I got it! I’m officially a nerd.

  • Kid Charlemagne

    I just thought of something: could Koenig deliberately have written the episode badly, as revenge for being left out of the animated series?

    “Spaghetti Dragons”? Holy Vaal, TAS had the ORIGINAL Flying Spaghetti Monsters! ^_^

    • Durandal_1707

      “We inwented Flying Spaghetti Monsters! In Russia!”

      • Kid Charlemagne

        “We hoped to ween Cold War weeth them, but Dr. McCoy’s ancestor inwented thet weed spray.”