Star Trek (TAS) “Once Upon a Planet” (part 2 of 5)

They attack, and McCoy wisely flees. He and Sulu manage to beam back up to the ship, but Uhura is captured by a robot before she can call for help.

Star Trek (TAS) "Once Upon a Planet" (part 2 of 5)

Back on board the Enterprise, Kirk learns from McCoy what happened, and Spock explains those characters are from the Alice in Wonderland books. He then explains his mother read him Lewis Carroll when he was a child. Kirk “mm-hmms” like he’s remembering when his Dad used to read him articles from Guns & Ammo and Playboy when he was a kid, and then turns to Sulu and asks him if he experienced any strange occurrences. I’m sure Sulu found him some strange, but to Kirk he says “No, sir.”


It takes Scotty to call up to the bridge to point out that the men left Uhura behind. If I were Uhura, I’d never let these guys forget that. Next time they’re on an assignment and something happens, Uhura should say, “This reminds me of that time Sulu and McCoy left me behind to die,” even if it has nothing to do with what’s actually going on.

Scotty points out that communication with Uhura was cut off. Kirk orders all shore leave parties back to the ship, and the guys on the bridge complain that the Keeper, the guy in charge of planet, wasn’t around when this mess happened. Spock reports that the guy’s home, wherever it is, must be shielded by a lot of rock and metal. Kirk tells lieutenant M’Ress that all shore leaves are canceled until further notice.

Star Trek (TAS) "Once Upon a Planet" (part 2 of 5)

Hmmm. First, tentacles from “The Survivor”

Star Trek (TAS) "Once Upon a Planet" (part 2 of 5)

And now, cat girl lieutenant M’Ress. I think all of Japan’s modern kinky fetishes may have their origin in Star Trek TAS. I have to check and see if there’s an episode where Nurse Chapel is sprayed in the face by some white substance.

Kirk says the rescue party will consist of him, Spock, McCoy, and Sulu. Sulu is along probably because they reached their quota of red shirts that month. Meanwhile down on the planet, Uhura meets a computer that says she’s being held hostage so her “master” does not leave.

The computer really did pick up some racist shit from McCoy’s mind.

Star Trek (TAS) "Once Upon a Planet" (part 2 of 5)

Uhura says “My master?” like she’s ready to put a boot through the computer’s face. The computer makes things worse by suggesting Uhura is dumber than she looks, and says her master is the sky machine that enslaves her. Uhura figures out the computer means the Enterprise, and she asks why the thing thinks the ship has enslaved her. The computer says her question is redundant… which is in itself a stupid statement. Man, I can’t wait for Kirk to show up and talk this thing to death.

Uhura is now even more pissed off, and she says she’s got a statement for the computer: that her crewmates are going to come rescue her. The computer says it doesn’t need more hostages, and he’s going to “turn them off” and that they’ll cease to function. Uhura exclaims, “That’s murder!” The computer asks if that word means “to cease to function”. Uhura says it is, but before she can debate ethics, the computer says, “Good!”

Meanwhile, back with the rescue party, Kirk gets word from Arex that a complete scan of the surface shows there’s no Uhura, and Sulu points out there’s no way she could have been taken off-planet, which means the only possibility is she’s underground. Or, you know, dead. Spock points out the planet is made up of granite and metal alloys, and Kirk brushes aside maybe six inches of topsoil to reveal the planet’s shell.

Star Trek (TAS) "Once Upon a Planet" (part 2 of 5)

Sulu suggests the planet is giving off fal—

Star Trek (TAS) "Once Upon a Planet" (part 2 of 5)

Okay, what were the animators going for in this shot? Is Sulu supposed to look suspicious, or something else? Is he high? Is that it? Did he sample something from McCoy’s magic bag?

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