Star Trek (TAS) “Mudd's Passion” (part 7 of 7)

Back down on the desert planet, Kirk asks how long the effects of the love crystals last. According to the creature that Harry “swindled, uh, I purchased the crystals from”, not long. But it’s too late, because the rock creatures are on the attack again.

And more shoddy animation follows, because this next bit makes nothing resembling any kind of sense. Kirk says, “Keep trying to contact the Enterprise!” But I have no idea who he’s saying this to. Logically, he would be saying this to either Spock or Chapel, but he’s facing Mudd [?] when he says it, and at the same time, he’s talking into his communicator [?].

Then the animation somehow gets worse, because when Kirk turns to his left in the next shot, there’s Mudd again, and now he’s standing next to Spock. Hey man, mapping spatial relationships is for squares! Let’s get back to drawing more crazy enormous monsters and smokin’ a doob!

Caption contributed by Albert

“Mudd on my right, try to contact the Enterprise!”

Caption contributed by Albert

“Mudd on my left, stay where you are!”

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek (TAS) "Mudd's Passion"
TV Show: Star Trek (TAS)

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