Star Trek (TAS) “Mudd's Passion” (part 3 of 7)

Now we’re down in, oh, let’s say, the brig. Kirk and Spock stand around while Cartoon Nurse Chapel examines Harry. And by “examines”, I mean she stands a foot away from him and declares he has a simple bruise. On a personal note, due to an incident a couple of years ago where I referred to Nurse Chapel as “Man-Face”, and got a lot of heat from the hardcore TOS fans, I’m almost terrified to point out that the Cartoon Chapel’s nose is way, way smaller than the real Chapel, making the cartoon version far more attractive. Oops. I guess I did just point that out. Well, there’s another two years of hatred from the TOS camp.

Caption contributed by Albert

Cartoon Chapel. I heart her, too.

Anyway, now there’s exposition about how Harry escaped from what Kirk refers to as “the robot planet”. Actually, I think they called it “the android planet” in “I, Mudd”, but close enough.

Mudd goes into a lengthy story about how he got off the Robot Planet, and all the wacky adventures he encountered along the way. But what it comes down to, basically, is that he stole a spacecraft from… somewhere, and then headed to another planet where he proceeded to sell Starfleet Academy to the planet’s inhabitants. I don’t know. Sure, Harry Mudd in the original series was depicted as kind of a conman and a shyster, but I don’t think even he would stoop to that level of all-out ludicrous fraud.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek (TAS) "Mudd's Passion"

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