Star Trek (TAS) “Mudd's Passion” (part 2 of 7)

Now comes the fun part of picking apart a TV show I’ve never recapped before: Getting to make fun of the opening credits! Unlike every other Star Trek series, the animated series doesn’t start with a teaser of any kind. It’s straight to the opening credits, which is more or less the norm for kid’s cartoons, even today.

Actually, there’s not a whole lot to bash here. The animated credits are a pretty faithful recreation of the TOS credits, except in cartoon form. There’s a brand new recitation by William Shatner of the “space, the final frontier” speech, followed by the Enterprise swooping across the screen while we get the customary credits for Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley (the only difference being a “STARRING THE VOICES OF” title before this). See? The credits are so faithful, they’ve even faithfully marginalized the contributions of Doohan, Nichols, and all the rest.

Caption contributed by Albert

Well, there’s one shot the animators didn’t screw up.

Well, come to think of it, there is one change that probably bears mentioning: The opening theme is totally different. Yeah, I guess I should probably talk about that, huh? We get the standard fanfare that sounds pretty much like the fanfare that opened episodes of TOS (and TNG). But then Shatner finishes his speech, and bam, a completely brand new theme song kicks in.

I have no idea why they couldn’t secure the rights to Alexander Courage’s theme song from TOS. I mean, other than the most likely explanation, which is that they couldn’t afford them. (Or that Courage told Roddenberry to piss off for writing those idiotic lyrics to the TOS theme song, and thus taking half the royalties.) So instead, they have this disco-esque orchestration that sounds like the TOS theme played sideways. But all things considered, it doesn’t date quite as badly as the actual TOS theme. I mean, at least it doesn’t have bongos in it. Hear the TAS theme by clicking here!

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek (TAS) "Mudd's Passion"

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