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The Star Trek Movies (1979- )

VIDEO: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

It’s the debut of a new show, Tom’s Retrophilia, hosted by our own Thomas Stockel! You probably know Tom from the recaps he’s written for the site, mostly of the animated Star Trek series. He makes the jump from written articles to his own video show with this impassioned defense of Star Trek: The Motion Picture!

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

At this point, I am convinced that J.J. Abrams is the single greatest threat to good filmmaking today. The usual reaction to a statement like that is for people to rush and defend him by pointing out how “not bad” his handful of films are. The repeated use of the phrase “not bad” is really all I need to illustrate my point.

VIDEO: Star Trek (2009)

Ursa takes a newbie’s-eye view of the 2009 Star Trek movie, and talks lens flares, Chris Pine, and how this movie relates to Jeremy Brett. No, really. This episode also includes a completely spoiler-free “review” (read: extended impressions session) of Star Trek Into Darkness. Caution: May contain Benedict Cumberbatch.

VIDEO: Star Trek Nemesis (2002)

On the eve of the Star Trek franchise heading into darkness, Dr. O’Boogie looks back at the TNG cast’s final outing Star Trek Nemesis, which somehow became the most reviled entry in the series despite there being a few other Star Trek movies that are at least as dumb. But it’s a shameless ripoff of Wrath of Khan starring an up and coming British actor, and who would possibly want to see that?


Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020- )


Star Trek: Picard (2020- )


Star Trek: Short Treks (2018- )


Star Trek: Discovery (2017- )


Enterprise AKA Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005)

Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)

Star Trek: Voyager “11:59”

So Star Trek: Discovery finally ended its hit-or-miss first season last month, which means I’m free to return to recapping terrible episodes of Voyager. Lucky me? My best guess is that the fifth season episode “11:59”, which...

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994)

Star Trek: The Next Generation “Shades of Gray”

A long, long time ago, when the Agony Booth’s list of Star Trek recaps was called the Worst of Trek and only consisted of recaps of bottom-of-the-barrel episodes like “Spock’s Brain” and “The Outrageous Okona”, there was one episode that seemed like a no-brainer to be included on the list. Anyone even vaguely familiar with the franchise knows exactly which episode is the most hated…

Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Last Outpost” (part 1 of 3)

“It was 1987, and the fourth episode of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, when nobody knew what a Ferengi was or anything of their now-famous tendencies. So join me, won’t you, as we take a trip back to when an aura of mystery surrounded this new rival of the Federation, and see just how long it takes for their mystique to be utterly and forever left in ruins. ”

Star Trek (the animated series) (1973-1974)

Star Trek (TAS) “Bem”

The Stardate is 7403.6, which now that I think about it, could be the date this script was finished or something. It makes me wonder now how many Stardates are actually secret codes, like...

VIDEO: Star Trek (TAS) “The Lorelei Signal”

Ryan recaps the animated Star Trek episode “The Lorelei Signal”, where the Enterprise responds to a sexy distress call, and Kirk and Spock and McCoy all lose their damn minds over a colony of blondes, who turn out to be lifeforce vampires! Uhura and Chapel are forced to take command and rescue the horny bastards, with the help of the Enterprise’s surprisingly hot womens’ security team. Watch the video below, and learn all about the hidden dangers of Jazzercise headbands and competitive giant ruby tossing!

star trek (the original series) (1966-1969)

Star Trek "Catspaw"

October is here again, and for many, that means the start of Halloween season. So why not look at the only episode in Star Trek franchise history that was an actual Halloween episode? This...

Star Trek "Dagger of the Mind"

In the franchise’s entire 51-year history, there’s only been one Star Trek episode of any of the six series that’s been holiday-themed. That episode was the original series’ “Catspaw”, which was the first episode...

VIDEO: Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror”

A transporter accident causes Kirk and Company to cross over into a parallel universe where Spock has a beard, and the crew of the Enterprise is evil and menacing. Meanwhile, a transporter accident in Mendo’s house leaves Mendo reviewing this episode with an evil and menacing version of special guest star Sofie Liv. But surely, that’s all just a coincidence.