Enterprise “Two Days and Two Nights” (part 4 of 4)

Meanwhile, back at the Villa of Exciting Times, Archer is eating a salad. Keyla pops by for a date, wanting to go dog-walking on the beach. And nothing says romance like a morning spent picking up your dog’s poop.

Caption contributed by Number One

As expected, it’s just one big non-stop party over at Archer’s place.

He invites her in for a pre-date juice, and she immediately goes for The Teachings of Surak. Archer says it’s a gift from his science officer. Are they really back to talking about her again?

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Number One

Number One was created by two computer geeks using a Memotech MX512, some wrinkled old copies of Hustler and a wind machine. She enjoys propping her breasts up with pink lamé and empowering naive, socially inept sci-fi nerds. Actually, the latter of those two sentences is sort of true.

Multi-Part Article: Enterprise "Two Days and Two Nights"
TV Show: Enterprise

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  • Eventide81

    One eight zero is 180, as in 180 degrees, as in right behind you. How does a Starfleet Tactical Officer not know this when I was able to figure it out without extensive Starfleet Academy training? I pity the crew that’s counting on his tactical skills.
    As for T’Pol, I’m sure you would be the same way if you had to spend that much time on a tiny ship with these idiots. She has the same attitude as many tenured teachers in the American public education system; utter contempt and apathy. And honestly can you blame her for wanting to murder Archer? I know that I have had a few fantasies about launching this man-child from a torpedo tube.

  • Eventide81

    By the way Malcolm is gay, aren’t all British Males? According to the characters Wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Reed) there may or may not have been a discussion about his character’s orientation.
    Also Mayweather does not want to be treated by an alien doctor? Is Phlox just a really ugly human then?
    Either he had plastic surgery that went really really wrong, or Mayweather doesn’t just need a doctor, he needs an optometrist.

    • Yonagonaf

      When Yonagonaf wants to research something Star Trek related Yonagonaf uses “Memory Alpha”.

      This webpage is the Star Trek Wikipedia.

  • Eventide81

    So this Keyla chick is not a human from Earth? And we are supposed to believe that another planet, unrelated to Earth would not only have a species identical to humans, but also to dogs? Now that’s some convergent evolution!

  • Quote:
    “She says that basically, she’s planning to practise her linguistic skills, because she’s let her 38 [!] languages slide lately. 38?! Someone please back me up in my assertion that this is a preposterous number of languages for one person to be fluent in.”

    A normally intelligent person should be able to (eventually and with much practise) be able to speak 40 languages with some fluency, so 38 is not a problem

  • nonameblue

    – T’Pol getting a book with a Card on the table of Archer’s rented Villa: it’s much easier than borrowing a shuttle and stealing his keys. Just call the Risa Villa renting Service and tell them that you want them to put a book with the following Card on the table of guest Archer, billed to you. That’s how you arrange today for guests to have wine/flowers/ books in Hotel rooms.
    – Trip and Malcolm being surprised at crime: well, Risa is advertised as pleasure planet, the People not as prostitutes, but to serve the customers. So expecting (Sexual) favours from two Girls and being surprised at robbery is not that far off.
    Also, with different species, space STDs should not be a Problem. Virus and bacteria Need Long Adaptation time to pass between species even on earth.
    – As for Hoshi and her languages: the Point in the Pilot Episode was that she’s not a hard-working brainac, but rather has a natural gift with languages, which is the whole reason Archer picks her for contact with Aliens whose languages might not be in their databases at all.
    And there are today People with this gift, who pick up languages with ease and enjoy it. So it wouldn’t be showing-off, but actual fun for her. (And maybe she and forehead guy did spend the whole night talking about languages instead of doing something else.)

  • Corylea

    Ah, geeze. “Naive tourists get rolled” is a story so old that trilobites used to tell it to one another during the Early Cambrian era. They send the crew to a planet that’s the meeting place of many different cultures, and THAT’S the best they can come up with?

    I realize that this episode is (supposed to be) a comedy, but surely they could have come up with something more interesting — and more Trekkian — than “naive tourists get rolled.” I can imagine a variety of local customs that could make Our Heroes very uncomfortable, if you want the kind of broad humor that this episode indulges in. Or I could imagine local customs that could teach a variety of lessons, if you want to go for morality play kind of Trek. (Y’know — REAL Star Trek.)

    And really, if these people are the ones who made it through Starfleet Academy, what are the REST of Earth’s people like? Is Starfleet Academy a discredited institution that only gets the dregs? Did those Eugenics Wars kill off all the smart people? But that doesn’t explain the writers of this episode, does it?