Enterprise “Two Days and Two Nights” (part 3 of 4)

Meanwhile, in a café on Risa, Hoshi Sato is sitting at a table all by herself. This is what happens when you turn your nose up at other people’s holiday plans. To make matters worse, she starts making small talk with a couple sitting at a nearby table, which positively makes my toes curl with embarrassment. That poor couple was probably having a perfectly pleasant evening, until Billy No Mates showed up, itching to show off her conversational Risan.

Caption contributed by Number One

Hoshi scopes out the venue for potential victims to waylay and torture with her linguistic genius.

Unfortunately, they’re much too polite to tell her to get lost, choosing instead to stroke her ego by complimenting her language skills. For God’s sake, don’t encourage her! At this point, we become aware of a creepy guy with bulging forehead veins as he checks out Hoshi. Oh yes, women with a solid grasp of irregular verbs are such a turn on.

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Multi-Part Article: Enterprise "Two Days and Two Nights"

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