Enterprise “Two Days and Two Nights” (part 1 of 4)

SUMMARY: The Enterprise crew goes on leave to Risa. My will to live goes on leave to an unknown destination.

Part of the fun of Trek fandom is that no two fans will have the same opinion of the franchise. There are those who believe, for example, that the original series was a truly groundbreaking piece of TV history, replete with iconic characters, thought-provoking storylines, and plenty of thigh. Then there are those who believe it was a camp bit of nonsense, all wobbly sets, ultra-miniskirts, and hammy acting. Personally, in the interests of saving time, I prefer to call these two groups of people “sane” and “crazy” respectively, but that’s just me.

It doesn’t end there, however. For every person who sings the praises of The Next Generation for picking up the long-abandoned Trek baton and running like crazy with it, there’ll be another scoffing at the pure ’80s wackiness that placed a therapist on the bridge next to the captain, and had an adolescent boy piloting the ship.

And for every person who admired Deep Space Nine for its involved story arcs and bold new concept, there’s my father, neatly summing it up as an experience akin to “watching a security camera in a shopping mall”. And so it goes on.

But there’s one thing I’ve discovered that unites almost every Star Trek fan the world over. And that’s a shared loathing of Enterprise. I have yet to meet one person who has anything flattering to say about this series (although, it’s alleged they do exist, in mysterious corners of the internet). This is perhaps part of the reason I’ve never watched a single episode in its entirety, not even as I write this intro.

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Multi-Part Article: Enterprise "Two Days and Two Nights"
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