Enterprise “A Night in Sickbay” (part 8 of 8)

Deleted Scene #1:

I’m not sure exactly when in the episode this takes place. (Just when I actually need the stupid time counter, it’s nowhere to be found.) Archer is in Sickbay, having trouble sleeping. So he reaches up to the wall communicator and pages Trip. Cut to Trip’s quarters, where he’s sound asleep.

He gets out of bed—he, too, is wearing his blue skivvies—and answers the wall. Archer apologizes (wow!) for waking him and asks him to come to Sickbay. Since these are deleted scenes, they aren’t scored, and we’re forced to watch in silence as Archer looks grumpy for a while, and pounds on his pillow.

Trip enters Sickbay, now in his uniform, and checks out Porthos. He steps over to Archer’s bed, which is all surrounded by curtains and chiffon, like a four poster bed in an antebellum plantation. Once Trip is inside the curtains, Archer unloads the burning question on his mind: “How long’s it been since you’ve been intimate with a woman?”

Trip, as you’d expect, is completely flummoxed by this. I think he’s mentally coming up with a list of all the ways this question is completely and utterly inappropriate. So Archer immediately changes the subject and starts talking about the faulty plasma injector. By which he means, his penis.

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Multi-Part Article: Enterprise "A Night in Sickbay"
TV Show: Enterprise

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