Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Profit and Lace” (part 6 of 6)

Cut to Nilva and the Quark-thing arriving at Quark’s bar. Nilva orders two snail steaks and asks if “Lumba” doesn’t feel like a “deviant” in clothes. Apt choice of words, Chairman. Quark says that it’s alright because underneath the clothes, he knows he’s “totally naked.” Nilva replies, “I’ll try to remember that.” And you, my friend, are a minority of one. If ten million people saw this episode, then it’s safe to say 9,999,999 of them will not try to remember that.

Nilva demands to know how allowing females to wear clothes will make him richer. Quark begins to explain as the camera tracks up and away. Cut to a reverse angle on the whole Ferengi gang eavesdropping from a balcony overhead. Leeta is exasperated, because she can’t hear anything. The Ferengi folks just shush her. I think that’s another gag about the size of Ferengi ears, inasmuch as it gives them a keen sense of hearing, but I don’t know. And truly, I do not care. So there’s one more piece of filler to toss on the crap heap that is this episode.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Profit and Lace"
TV Show: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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