Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Profit and Lace” (part 4 of 6)

Later, Ishka goes to Quark’s quarters and finds him curled up in a fetal position, pondering running away from it all and starting a new life somewhere. Strangely, I’m doing exactly the same thing right now. Ishka says this reminds her of when he was a “lobe-ling”. She says he was “always such a miserable child!” Perhaps, even at that age, he knew in his heart that someday he would make this episode.

Ishka says they all deal with stress differently. Quark curls up into a ball, Zek wants to play tongo, and she wants to eat some “fresh tube grubs”. Quark asks how she can eat at a time like this, leading to the expected Laverne & Shirley-esque comeback where she takes his question literally and describes in detail how she plans to eat the grubs. (Laverne ate insects, right?)

Quark hands her a bottle, but she complains that these tube grubs are “minced”, not fresh. Quark says it’s all her fault, leading to another extremely limp joke about how it’s not her fault the grubs aren’t fresh. Yeah, I know—all jokes in this episode are limp. And once you see Quark in drag, you’ll be limp, too. Even if you’re a chick. But alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Profit and Lace"

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