Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Profit and Lace” (part 1 of 6)


Okay, okay. It totally would have been awesome to just leave it at that, but I can’t have my readers left totally in the dark. So here’s the real summary.

SUMMARY: Grand Nagus Zek, the wizened leader of the Ferengi Alliance, arrives at Deep Space Nine seeking help from Quark the bartender. Zek has been deposed as Nagus after declaring that Ferengi women—long treated as inferior beings—can finally wear clothes and leave their homes. In order to regain his position, Zek intends to have his lover Ishka (who also happens to be Quark’s mom) hold a meeting where she’ll demonstrate that a Ferengi woman can have just as good a head for business as any Ferengi man. But when Quark accidentally causes her to suffer complete heart failure (yuk, yuk!), the only option left is to have Quark disguise himself as a woman and take his mom’s place. In idea, script, and execution, truly one of the most unpleasant episodes in Star Trek history.

I’m sure this is obvious by now, but I’ll say again that my initial plan for the Worst of Trek section is to recap two episodes each from every Trek series, in chronological order of when the series premiered. As explained previously, this is to avoid making it look like I’m unfairly picking on any particular series here. (And let me just tell you, nothing draws the ire of Trek fans like seeing their favorite series being unfairly picked on.)

So after two recaps of the original series and two of The Next Generation, it’s time to take on the black sheep of the franchise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Because this is my first look at the series, and because DS9 when it aired was relatively unseen, the intro to this recap is going to be something of a long winded overview of the series as a whole. Those who are only interested in what I have to say about “Profit and Lace” can just skip to the next page, but for the rest, here’s my take on Star Trek’s redheaded stepchild, Deep Space Nine.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Profit and Lace"

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