Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Let He Who Is Without Sin...” (part 1 of 7)

SUMMARY: Dax, Worf, Bashir, and Leeta all travel to Risa, the infamous pleasure planet referenced in many a mediocre TNG episode. Dax and Worf have much to discuss, but none of it terribly interesting. Bashir and Leeta are there to have lots of sex, er, I mean, jamaharon, after which they end their torrid affair. Wait, did we even know they were together in the first place?

After lots of sex-related humor that’s about as sophisticated as stuff written in public bathroom stalls—most of it involving Special Guest Star Vanessa Williams!—Worf reveals a deep, dark secret that’s not terribly deep, or dark, let alone necessary to the plot.

Bring your Horga’hns, your blue floral lingerie, your purple mesh tank tops, and get ready to have lots of meaningless sex. But most of all, pray that nobody crosses paths with a horny guy with a beard answering to the name Will. Put him on Risa, and things get ugly, real fast.

As much as I admire Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I have to admit it had more than its share of episodes that could best be called “aggressively painful”. And most of them were Ferengi episodes (and I’m sure you knew I was going to say that). I already recapped the worst Ferengi episode there ever was, “Profit and Lace”, and I’m still working through those issues with my therapist, so unfortunately, more Ferengi episodes are off-limits for the time being. At least until after they discharge me from this place, anyway.

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Multi-Part Article: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Let He Who Is Without Sin..."
TV Show: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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