"Star Trek" Boldly Going Back to TV with New CBS Series

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Would you be willing to pay $5.99 a month to watch a brand spankin’ new Star Trek TV series? CBS hopes the answer is yes, because so far it hasn’t come up with any other reason someone in their right mind would volunteer to pay for a streaming version of the network.

Orion and Kirk Get It On

Only “CBS All Access” subscribers will get to see the show, which was announced today and will debut in 2017. We know the series will feature all-new characters, and that’s about all we know. There’s no word yet which time period or timeline the new series will be part of. The best idea, creatively speaking, would be post-Next Generation, because prequels suck and narrative should MOVE FORWARD IS THAT SO DAMN HARD TO UNDERSTAND?!

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But financially speaking, it’s easy to understand why Paramount would demand the show take place in their new reboot universe so as to keep newbies from being befuddled and to help keep old fans focused on the altered timeline. So go ahead and get yourself ready for that. Ugh.

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Also, the showrunner behind the new CBS enterprise (GET IT?) is Alex Kurtzman, who just happens to be co-screenwriter and co-producer of the reboot movies, which is another subtle clue that we’re staying put in Chris Pine/Zachery Quinto land. Kurtzman is also an executive producer of the disastrous but inexplicable popular Scorpion, the ho-hum Limitless, and the oh-yeah-that-exists Hawaii Five-O, all of which air on CBS.

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The third Star Trek reboot movie hits theaters next summer.


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