Sportsball Thug Richard Sherman Thuggishly Cooks Socialist Thug School Lunch With Thug Michelle Obama

Sportsball Man Richard Sherman is here to indoctrinate your children into thinking that healthy eating is OK, in this cute video for the Let’s Move initiative, Michelle Obama’s dangerous plot to encourage “healthy” eating and exercise so that she can raise an army of socialist cadres. On camera, he and his “Seattle Seahawks sous chefs” prepare an allegedly healthy school lunch of “Seahawks salmon cake and succotash,” which we suppose would be fit for socialist fishheads in the People’s Republic of Seattle, but which would certainly make decent corn-fed Iowa beefchildren cry. Be sure to avoid the comments at Breitbart’s story on this! They do not suffer succotash gladly.


Sherman also comes in for a bit of outrage, or yuks, depending on your perspective, for spoofing his infamous playoff rant:

“Let me tell you, we the best chefs in the game!” Sherman says, reminding kids to “eat right” and “put the right fuel in your body.”

As a commenter who has never heard of “canned salmon” asks, why is Michelle Obama trying to bankrupt our schools by forcing them to buy hundreds of salmon fillets?

[ObamaFoodorama / Breitbart]

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