Sportsball Player Aaron Hernandez Just Can’t Stop Allegedly Murdering People

Sportsball Player Aaron Hernandez Just Can't Stop Allegedly Murdering People

Aaron Hernandez looks like a really good football sportsball star, with many awards that are nothing but letters (SEC! AFC! BCS!) that show he was well-regarded in college and his career with the New England Patriots. However, it seems that what Aaron Hernandez is really the best at is (ALLEGEDLY) murdering people.


Let’s go in order of arrest, which is not the order of the ALLEGED murders, because sometimes the wheels of justice spin fast, and sometimes they lag behind a bit. Oh, and there’s also a couple civil suits shoehorned in the middle of all this.

First civil suit first! Hernandez got sued in early June 2013 for shooting a dude in the face. (The dude lived.)

Hernandez and Alexander S. Bradley went to Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami on February 13, 2013 … and during the outing, the two men got into an argument.

Bradley claims … After the dispute, both men left the club — and got into the same car which was heading to Palm Beach. During the ride, Aaron allegedly aimed his weapon at Bradley … and the gun discharged, striking Bradley in the face.

Bradley claims he suffered major injuries from the gunshot … including the loss of his right eye. Bradley also claimed he required major surgery to reconstruct his face … which required plates and screws. Bradley also claims he suffered damage to his right hand and arm, which also required surgery.

So, Hernandez was not arrested for that little trip to shooty-town, just sued. No word on whether the Patriots knew about that lawsuit or the incident itself, but you’d kinda hope that the team would keep an eye on one of their players having such a ravenous desire to shoot people.

During this same time period, Hernandez starting spending a lot of time with semipro player Odin Lloyd, but eventually grew tired of him or got mad at him (you try following the story) and then some murder happened.

Prosecutors said surveillance video from businesses in the industrial park where Lloyd’s bullet-riddled body was found showed the Altima heading for a undeveloped section of the industrial park at 3:25 a.m. [on June 17, 2013]. Shortly after, night shift workers in the park heard multiple gunshots.

At 3:27, the Altima was visible again leaving the secluded area. Two minutes later, prosecutors said, Mr. Hernandez was seen parking the Altima in his driveway less than a mile away and stepping out of the vehicle, pistol in hand.

Hernandez was arrested for that murder on June 26, 2013, and, to their credit, the New England Patriots cut him loose immediately, which was a good thing since Hernandez was also being investigated for a double murder back in 2012. He was charged with those 2012 murders today. See? We told you it was confusing.

A grand jury had been looking into whether Hernandez played a role in the 2012 case, in which Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado were killed while they were in a car near a Boston nightclub.

It first became public that Hernandez was suspected in the Boston slayings when documents were unsealed in court in January. In those records, it is suggested that Hernandez was the trigger man in [Daniel] Abreu and [Safiro] Furtado’s killings.

“There is … probable cause to believe that Aaron Hernandez was operating the suspect vehicle used in the shooting homicides … and may have been the shooter,” reads a June 2013 warrant.

Want this to get weirder and even more complicated? SURE YOU DO! The dude hanging out with Hernandez on the evening of this particular batch of shootings was none other than Mr. Alexander Bradley, he of the getting-his-face-shot-off incident of 2013.


Oh — and the last civil suit. The families of Abreu and Furtado have sued Hernandez in civil court.

Let’s summarize: while Hernandez was still being a football star for the Patriots, he ALLEGEDLY killed two guys in 2012, ALLEGEDLY shot a friend in the face in early 2013, got sued for the face shooting in June 2013 and then ALLEGEDLY shot another guy in June 2013. That is a crime spree worthy of a mob boss. It makes OJ look like a piker.

This might be a good time to inform you that Hernandez remains a free agent under NFL rules, and could therefore theoretically be picked up by another team while he remains in jail awaiting a trial. Football teams, don’t do that. Not a good look.

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