Sportsball Analyst No Longer In Running For Father Of The Year After Teaching Kids To Say ‘P*ssy’

Sportsball Analyst No Longer In Running For Father Of The Year After Teaching Kids To Say 'P*ssy'

We’re not super familiar with sportsball analysts, but we’ll rectify that because they may be a treasure trove of bad behavior. Let’s meet Mitch Williams, aka “Wild Thing,” former relief pitcher, now a commentator for the MLB Network. Williams lost his shit while at his 10-year-old’s baseball tournament, because that is a totally acceptable way for a grown man to behave.


Please note we have no idea what an analyst is as distinct from a commentator or whatever the hell else they call people who get paid to talk about sportsball for a living, but he is some variety of that kind of person.

The first news of Williams’s super incredibly terrible bad hockey-coach-level behavior surfaced last week when he was tossed out of a game — A LITTLE KID GAME — for calling an umpire a motherfucker, saying he was going to get the umpire fired, and needed to be physically separated from the umpire, causing a delay of game. All together now: he seems nice.

He then took to Twitter to threaten people for talking about it, as you do.


This guy is just a bundle of good life choices, isn’t he? And probably a real ray of sunshine to hang out with.

It turns out that he was only tossed out of one game, so he returned the next day to wreak more havoc and give some little kids a vocabulary lesson in the process.

[P]arents and coaches tell Deadspin that “The Wild Thing” called one child “a pussy” while ordering one of his own 10-year-old players to hit the opposing pitcher with a beanball. […] Children on the team heard this, and one asked his parent on the ride home what [pussy] meant.

That must have been a fun conversation with a ten-year-old boy. Also, it is super nice to teach little kids to hit other little kids with a pitch! No real danger of injury there, nosiree.

Deadspin has so very much much more on Williams, who also gets tossed out of his daughter’s basketball games, so we can confirm that he’s a multi-sport double-threat dickhead. He’s like the Michael Jordan of being an asshole. Good work, dude.


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