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Sofie looks at the strangest of Miyazaki’s movies, which, in a way, also makes it the most admirable one.

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Tag: Movie Dorkness: Miyazaki March

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  • Zee Panda

    I have been waiting for this review, Sofie! This is my absolute favorite of Miyazkaki’s movies. I love all the care and detail put into world building and developing the characters. Even the minor characters have real personalities that are unique to them. Chihiro’s growth story is amazing. She starts off as a whiny, self-centered little girl who is mostly passive. She is terrified by the situation she’s found herself in and isn’t really capable of dealing with it, except…she has no choice and so she must. One of Chihiro’s best qualities is that even at the start she’s capable of returning kindness with kindness and because of that she is able to build the network of allies who help her become her better self. I think her change into a strong, determined, and resourceful young lady is done in a completely believable way.

    The side plots are all interesting and fun, too. Chihiro’s not the only character who undergoes growth. I like the stories of Lin and No-Face and Bo.

    I also really like how complex the characters are – even the villains aren’t entirely villainous.

    Visually, it’s fantastic – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this movie and yet it seems like I am always finding something different to capture me each time. The score and the sound effects are all brilliant.

    While I would’ve never thought of the connection with My Neighbor Totoro that you mention, I do like that idea quite a bit.

    Great review!

    • Sofie Liv

      Thank, and yeah. It is just a breath taking movie in so many ways.

      I think if you really really want to, you can go ahead and try to connect all Miyazakis movies in a time-line, and make an explanation as to how they do in fact all exsists in the same univers.. If you really really want to.
      Though it’s more in the case of Totoro and Spirited away I can’t help but to think, I could definetely see Totoro walking around in the bath house! it’s almos a wasted cameo oppertunity isn’t it?

      And yeah, both Chihiros kindness, love and restraint are tested as well. She doesn’t give into greed, and she stays true to herself, passing all the tests. growing into a wise adult, so that’s really good.

      Thank you again, I am really glad I got to talk more about this movie, it also made me appreciate it more ^^

  • George

    What an amazing movie indeed. They are really a few creations that are so uniquely beautiful that you really feel you are exploring someone´s imagination. I seldom have the same feeling (the same one somebody can get watching art like surrealist paintings for example) . This one is really a great example of this. It almost feels that you are delving into someone else´s dream, fully personal that you know it cannot come from anyone else, yet relatable at the same time.

    Nice review!

    Let me guess. Castle is next?

    PS. You look gorgeous with the longer hair btw….

    • Sofie Liv


      It is indeed a movie, that is its own exsperience, and yeah. My hair has gotten quite long these days hasn’t it?

      • Sofie Liv

        Oh also, if you either check the raw-feed on this very site, or just my personal blip channel Both “Howls moving castle.” and “Ponyo.” has all-ready been released ;)