VIDEO: Spiders (2000)

Giant bugs! Run!

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  • Gallen_Dugall

    Your commentary had me giggling delightedly throughout. Mosquito is a personal favorite and I’ll have to check this one out. Amazing how your intro animation is at least on par with the film CGI. Outstanding job.
    On a tangentially related note I just watched the ’90s version Gamera trilogy which also managed to be a superior version of the original using the limited effects technology of its day. Seems like these can be added to the list of good remakes.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thanks! The intro was actually much better even. There was a van that had little spiders pouring out and it was ripped open by the big spider. Unfortunately, a power out mid-job crashed the computer and corrupted the file. So, we had to start over from scratch. (well, we were at least able to reuse the spiders that had already been modeled but all the animation was lost)

      Mosquito is really fun, a friend of mine worked on it. He’s been promising me pictures and background info on it forever so I could give it an episode.

      I’ve been meaning to check out the more recent Gameras. I saw the one from early 2000 and enjoyed it.

  • Michael Martin

    Dude, you had me at “Night Trap.”

    • Cecil_Trachenburg