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In honor of the Spider-Man reboot, Joey Tedesco teams up with Sofie Liv to review the last movie of the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire trilogy, Spider-Man 3! Featuring a black-suited “evil” Spider-Man barely being evil, Venom (Topher Grace [?!]) showing up for all of ten minutes, and a pointless appearance by Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard), this movie was one of the biggest superhero movie disappointments in recent memory. Watch the review and relive all the singing, dancing, omelet-making, Twist-doing, amnesia-getting, and emo strutting!

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  • fanboy

    Alan Moore did that Superman thing in Tharg’s Future-Shocks story Bad Timing (2000AD PROG 291 cover date: 20th November, 1982)

  • Monterey Jack

    This isn’t NEARLY as bad as people make it out to be (and is significantly better than X-Men 3 and many other threequels). Yeah, there are some silly and dumb moments, but so did the first two.

    • Is that you or the Nostalgia Critic talking? That sounds very similar to his Top 11 Dumbest Spiderman Moments. Unless you happen to have the exact same opinion as him, in that case ’tis just a coincidence. The experience I got from Spiderman 3 was through the video game where as well as fighting the main villains in the movie, you got to fight Morbius, Shriek, Calypso, Lizard Man and Kraven depending on which version you had.

      Personally I would have preferred if Joey had done Somebody That I used to Know but that’s just me. I prefer that song to We Are Young. But that might be redundant seeing how there’s a billion covers of it on Youtube alone!

      • Tedzey71

        I can’t help it! I’m in love with “We Are Young” xD

        • Hey go with what you’re obsessed with Joey. I don’t mind ‘We Are Young’ as much as a lot of people. Better that than Flo Rida or Carly Rae Jepsen getting to the top of the charts. Nice use of props to back up your ‘choir’ too. I have that same wooden puppet thing too. But then again, it’s common to own one of those things! X)

          • Tedzey71

            I know, it helps me when I don’t have a reference for a specific pose when drawing. I was so fortunate to find The Space Jam Bugs Bunny doll :D 

  • The_Stig

    Spider-Man 3: Turn off the Dark

    Oh, and it’s a jet-powered snowboard, not a boogie board.

    • Tedzey71

      Either or, it’s still stupid! I remember reading an article where Sam Raimi described it as “Surf-Jitsu.” That’s when I started having second doubts :P 

      • The_Stig

        I didn’t say it wasn’t stupid. I said it wasn’t a jet-powered boogie board. :-) Also….
        It was Sony, not Marvel that forced Raimi to shoehorn Venom into the film. Marvel doesn’t have the film rights to Spider-Man.You’re right. Eddie Brock looks nothing like Topher Grace in the mainstream continuity. The Eddie Brock in the ULTIMATE universe on the other hand is closer to Peter’s own lean physique. Ultimate Venom still looks like Scott Steiner at Comic Con though, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Stuff in comics don’t make sense!Now let’s make omelets and do the Twist, Sofie! 

        • CDiehl

          I think the reason they cast Topher Grace as Eddie Brock was because he looks somewhat similar to Tobey Maguire. Eddie is Peter’s foil and Venom is Spidey’s foil. Even people who like the comics would have to admit it makes sense that the actors who play these two characters look similar.

          • CBob

            It does make sense IMO. Playing up the “hero’s evil twin” angle is a pretty natural way to go with Venom (pity it’s been so VERY overused in comic book movies recently). For me it backfired not because Eddie didn’t look big, but because casting Topher Grace of all people next to Toby MacGuire totally highlighted how the personality Spider Man is supposed to have was always missing in the films.

            In the comics, Peter’s mousy and reserved, like MacGuire, but when he puts on the mask he loses his anxieties and becomes outgoing and irreverent… like Topher. In the movies that doesn’t happen: Spider Man’s dialog and mannerisms have all the same quavering, awkward hesitance & seriousness as Peter’s. Putting an actor who’s not only the same physical build, but who’s well known comedy style is a near pitch-perfect match to what Spider Man’s persona should really be in a room with MacGuire’s Spider Man was just too much.

            In fact my only real issue with the upcoming reboot (besides Parker’s hilariously ginormous hair) is that it appears to just flip this instead of correcting it: in the Rami films Spider Man always had the Peter Parker persona even when he was in costume, and in the new film it looks like Peter Parker always has the Spider Man persona even out of costume.

        • Hey Its That Guy

          “It was Sony, not Marvel that forced Raimi to shoehorn Venom into the film.”Nope, Raimi’s on record saying Avi Arad talked him into using Venom.

  • CDiehl

    I think the problem with this movie is that it tried to ram several subplots into one movie, and give them all equal time. Most of these subplots, except for Sandman, really ought to have been started earlier in the series, so this movie contains the payoffs for them. If nothing else, this could have been expanded into a trilogy, since there’s really enough plot for three movies in this one movie. To try to gallop through all that plot in the third movie when apparently they weren’t planning to make a fourth is not acceptable.

  • edharris1178

    Good stuff, guys.  I honestly never really dug any of the Raimi Spider-Man films.  The first one was pretty good, the second was fine when it was going for the action but there was way to much “let’s make Peter’s life as lousy as possible” angst and the third one was just plain stupid.

  • sofie would have been a marvelous silent movie actress, if she was around back i nthe 1920’s. I love her wonderfully theatrical expressions :)

    • Sofie Liv

       But if I was a silent movie actress, how would I be able to sing for my audience?

      Lets just hope I’ll slowly but surely become a marvellous web video producers shouldn’t we?

      Lets just wait and see what happens :)

      • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

         Until you get picked up by the BBC to have Red Suitcase Diaries be on their network.

        • Sofie Liv

          Uh I look forward to that day!

          And then i’ll be the first Danish doctor who companion! …. I am allowed to dream!

      • StevePotter

        Implying that you haven’t already become one.

        • Sofie Liv

          aww, thanks.

           Well, I’ll become a better one! there’s always room for improvement!

  • Arcadiassx999

    Fun Review, haven’t see S3, i prob wont watch it since i though the first movie was pretty bad.

    Damn Sofie, your “NO” brought back memories of me getting turned down by all the animation companies i tried out for. 

    Joey you should have sang: “Attsa matta, attsa matta, Hey! Attsa matta for you? You eatta may ravioli and a pastavazula too, I giva ya the cacciatorie and a pizza thats good to chew, Hey! Whya you no like me? Hey! Attsa matta for you?”

    Soife that was the best Rachmaninov’s 9th symphony rendition i’ve ever heard!  )p

    Fun vid guys!

    • Tedzey71

      Thanks! On second thought… I’m going to have to break into Dean Martin mode one of these days ;)

    • Sofie Liv

      Thanks :)

      Well, don’t feel bad. If I should count all the artsy educations I have been turned down on.. and all the projects I made that was turned down before true realisation… and all those stage gigs that was turned down and erh…
      Yeah, wanting to be a performer is freaking hard! case of point, I had plenty of times to practise that no…

      Rachmaninovs 9th Symphony?

      Erh.. if you are referring to the choir we were singing. “Joyful joyful.” from sister act, and yeah, right after that intro we start springing out singing it gospel while making all the arm movements.

      The melody to “Joy full joy full.” how-ever actually is “Ode to Joy.” which is from one of Ludwig van Bethoovens symphonies.
      And if you have never listened to “Ode to joy.” go find it on youtube! it’s an awesome piece of music!

      • “And it was like for a moment, O my fellow commenters, some great bird had flown into the Agony Booth.”

        Ode To Joy is a great piece to listen to. Even in the ultra-violent ‘A Clockwork Orange’, none of it’s beauty is diminished. No beauty was diminished through your rendition either, if anything it was accentuated.

      • Arcadiassx999

         Oh, come now Miss Liv.  
        In the movie Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory just before they enter the chocolate room, Wonka plays a little tune which is the opening from Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro”, and one of the mothers blurts out “Rachmaninoff!” which makes one of the fathers look at her in surprise. Funny scene.  (i guess i was trying for that kind of gag)

        I love Classical Music and Bee’s 9th.  I loved how they used it in “Immortal Beloved” unfortunately Classical Music has been so abused by film and television, it’s really sad.

        You have a fantastic voice kiddo. Here’s hoping for your big break. 
        “And one day when you are rich and famous, ill come and exploit your wealth.” – Doctor Teeth

        • Sofie Liv

          Oh… please don’t kill me, I did not grow with Willy Wonka! I saw it later as an adult because every-body kept bringing it up, but only that ones so I really can’t quote it at all. I honestly did not grow up with it at all.
          I grew up with Pippi Longstocking! and Emil from Lonneberg and.. Brothers Lion heart… Ronja Thieves Daughter and well.. Scandinavian childrens stuff. 

          Uh! and lots of Harry Potter. Any-way.

          Yay for classical music! I adore it myself, some-times uses it in my reviews (if you ever noticed.) I actually also listen to it quite often while I sit and read or write, or just clean or what-ever. I got the whole classical music box on my computer.

          Thank you very much.
          My voice has brought me both many hardships and many great moments through time. I always loved singing so very much, so I hope to find a way to use my particular… unique.. voice in a way so people will enjoy it :)

          • FullofQuestions1

            Out of curiosity, how popular is Karlson on the Roof in the Scandinavian countries? Being a Russian kid, I read all of the books and watched the Soviet cartoon-he’s pretty popular in Russia. Or was ten years ago at any rate.

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh he’s fairly popular, I had that read out loud as well as watching the original Norwegian television series.

            All of these examples, including Karlson on the roof, are actually all written by the same Norwgian author. An Author named “Astrid Lindgren.” and she pretty much formed the entire Scandinavian childrens culture.

            Of cause we also have danish childrens books, here it’s one guy called “Ole Lund Kirkegaard” whom wrote a lot of the stuff I grew up with, the special thing about him though is that he is… rather edgy, actually. one of his most famous childrens novels “Gummy Tarzan.” which is about a boy which constantly gets shrub water or stuffed in the trash can or just stuff like that by his bigger class-mates while his dad at home states he should be a real man like Tarzan you know.
            Then for the boy the get only one wish full-filled for one day, to be the strongest boy in the world… see how that turns out for a boy with that big frustrations.

            So yeah, Astrid Lindgren is pretty much behind my early childhood together with Ole Lund Kirkegaard… and then of cause Harry Potter.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            You’re Russian?  Must be by ethnicity because you definitely don’t have a Russian accent…

          • FullofQuestions1

            If we’re going by ethnicity, I’m not Russian because I’m Jewish (no, seriously).

            I was born in Russia, but I have lived in the U.S. since the age of two (I was not adopted; my family and I immigrated). As I didn’t speak English until the age of six (I went to a Russian-speaking day care), a lot of the kid’s shows I watched before kindergarten weren’t American- dubs either weren’t available or weren’t cheap in America; I’m not sure. I have not been back for almost ten years, but I still speak it fluently and read it fairly well.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I’m so jealous.  My family background is French and Irish but speak neither language.  You have a great conversationalist style as a recapper and I love the material you cover.  You should recap Dr Zhivago not because you’re Russian (though it helps) but you can relate exposition that supports the narrative in either a positive or negative way.  As a fan of great recappers, I think it would be a poignant review. :)

  • Elizabethspectrum

    Oh come on Joey, Sophie cant help it if she is a thespian :)

    It seems that this movie could be called “lets move the plot along no matter what” the movie. I mean the first 2 spider-man movies had some silly moments, but at least they tried to explain things like why Peter in Spider-man 2 had quit being a super hero (getting extra stressed, cant live a normal life, and being spider-man could be a thankless job at times) and then became a super hero again. But in this movie they would sacrifice time used for properly explaining things to instead include nearly random scenes of stuff they thought would be cool/funny/dramatic at the time.

    • Sofie Liv

      No no. the Thespian is Gomer, he has a pod-cast called “thespian talk.” so that only makes sense!

      …. I don’t even know what a Thespian is -_-;

      Yeah… yeah.. sounds about right. 


      • Elizabethspectrum

         A Thespian is a person who is involved or has a large interest in the arts such as the theater, singing, dancing, acting, those kinds of things.

        • Tedzey71

          You know, pretty much Sofie’s picture next to the definition in the dictionary xD

          • Sofie Liv

            *looks up in the dictionary* son of a gun….

            And that’s in spite of me not knowing what that word means before just right now.

  • I’ll admit, I kinda liked Venom. The rest of this movie, however, made me cringe. Omelet making? Really? And the butler thing? I heard that the butler is supposed to be a figment of Harry’s imagination telling him what he already knew subconsciously, but there’s no indication of that in the movie itself, so…yeah…if you haven’t seen it, check out How It Should Have Ended: Spiderman on Youtube. It’s hilarious.

    Though, to be fair to the movie, I didn’t like either of the first two Spiderman movies very much, largely due to the fact that I seriously disliked Mary Jane. She was just…annoying. Therefore, her being the motivation for a lot of Peter’s character development was also annoying, haha. (Also, she ditched a perfectly nice guy at the end of the second film. While he was waiting for her at the altar. Blah.)

    Fantastic review! :) I was never one for the Spiderman comic books, so it’s nice getting a little bit of a view of the movies from that perspective.

    Side note #1) Sophie, your voice is a pleasure to listen to, and I liked your improvised songs, haha. ^_^ I vote for more singing in future reviews!

    Side note #2) I saw the new Spiderman movie today and…really, really liked it, I was surprised. It’s much better than any of the former three big-budget Spiderman films, in my opinion. :)

    • Tedzey71

      Thank you! I became a big fan of the comics when the first movie came out, which helped shaped my opinion on this film

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you.

      I cannot tell how happy I am people like my voice, some-day I am going to tell the whole story about the hardships I had with that voice… thing is I ALWAYS loved singing, I was never able to stop singing I just… that’s a story for another day. Just, that people are asking for more, that genuinly means some-thing to me.

      Heh, I must admit I am a sucker for a fun camped superhero movie, and therefore the two first spider movies are right up my alley, I genuinly liked them, and I ended up enjoying the new movie far more than I thought i would to. I am actually looking forward to the sequel..

    • That’s odd how you like the characters who have ten minutes or under of screen time (Venom and the Astronaut guy) and yet who hated a series regular like Mary Jane. By that logic you must despise Peter then. haha Besides, how can you say that the astronaut was a perfectly nice guy when we didn’t even get to know his character? He could have been a closet homophobe for all we knew. How could we know? He was barely in the damn movie! Don’t mean to have a go at you, just adding another perspective.

      Sofie is indeed a pleasure to listen to. Her musical covers on her youtube channel are proof of that. In fact, the women on this site are pretty good singers all around.