VIDEO: Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Tom is back to take more questions from the public about Spider-Man 3, and explain why he thinks it’s an awesome movie, with great action scenes and great villains! Yes, even Venom. 

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  • Necroglobule

    I’ve discovered a renewed appreciation for Spider-Man 3 after the pure hot garbage that was the reboot. I’ll accept a vampire that sparkles before I accept a Spidey that skateboards.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Dude, you almost made me fall out of my seat when you used the Booker T/Gold Dust clip. :)

  • Tim Terrell

    “Gloss over the dancing”? You sure glossed over it and the stupid dancing in the street BEE GEES scenes, which makes this review incomplete.

    The Amazing Spider Man was better than all 3 of the Raimi movies.

    • I’ll take Raimi’s first two films over The Amazing Spider-man any day of the week, personally. Heck, I’d even take Spider-man 3 in all it’s flawed glory.

      • Alexa

        Here, here. Really I just recently watched Amazing Spider-Man, and really it was fine, but not that good. Found it pretty dull in many respects. Not bad in the action and acting, but the romance really got on my nerves at parts. And at least the third wasn’t taking itself soooo seriously. Plus I find it funny that people complained about Peter being emo in the third movie, yet the Peter in Amazing was way more emo, and he didn’t even have the excuse of being infected with an alien symbiote.

        • Necroglobule


    • Cristiona

      I dunno. I kinda liked the dancing scenes >_>

  • Tom Marriott

    Every review could use some Booker T and Goldust