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Special Day After Thanksgiving Hangover TV Tropes Terminology Time

You know that thing when a sitcom character writes a play and it’s totally about all the other sitcom characters, and in the play she (sorry not sorry it is always a she) reveals how she feels about them FOR REALS? Of course you do, because it happens ALL THE TIME. Don’t you wish you had a name for that thing?

We spent valuable minutes – MINUTES, people – searching TVtropes.org to find out what that’s called and it turns out IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A NAME! SERIOUSLY! They have a name for a Mary Sue and a Replacement Goldfish and a Troubled Backstory Flashback, but no name for the play-within-a-sitcom scenario. INPEACH TV TROPES. But have no fear, HNTPaderos, this problem is now solved with the introduction of our brand new term, the Chamber Monsoon.

Since we’re mad with power and get to name this thing whatever we wanted since we invented it, the Chamber Monsoon is your newest tv trope. It is named after both Diane Chambers, famed Cheers and Frasier character, and Saffron Monsoon, from Absolutely Fabulous. It is faster than a Manic Pixie Dream Girl and more euphonious than a Red Herring. And it is reminiscent of a “tempest in a teapot,” which is pretty much what happens whenever this device appears on a tv show.

Here is your latest Chamber Monsoon, and why we’ve been stuck surfing TV Tropes all day. Britcom Fresh Meat aired it’s version of this newly-christened trope Monday night.

Even aside from being our inspiration, Fresh Meat is well worth looking into. It’s sort of a Young Ones meets Friends thing about college students, but much better than that description would imply, because we realize that does not actually sound very good. The cast is top notch and the soundtrack is effortlessly hip in the way that only the English can do. They played Can during a sex scene back in season two, you guys. Are we going to link to that? Nope! Because it is now your job to trawl through the whole of the Fresh Meat video clips over on YouTube or pony up some coin to watch full episodes over on Hulu Plus, because what the hell else are you going to do today?

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  • Respiteini

    How did you get out of TV Tropes in minutes? Unless by “minutes” you mean “824 minutes without blinking”. Also, thank you for the AbFab clip.

  • Guest

    I thought “hamlet” and flashed back to undergrad comp lit, clove cigare

  • TheJPguy

    I flashed back to 80s undergrad comp lit, with clouds of clove cigarettes and girls in berets and professors wearing goddamn capes–anyway there was some fucking French term for this. Internet search finds me this: “A story within a story is a literary device or conceit in which one story is told during the action of another story. Mise en abyme is the French term for the same literary device (and also refers to the practice in heraldry of placing the image of a small shield on a larger shield).”Mis en abyme. I apologize. I really do.

    • The modern meaning of the phrase originates with the author André Gide who used it to describe self-reflexive embeddings in various art-forms and to describe what he sought in his own work.Damn you Andre Gide!!

  • It’s good. Not quite as good as ‘Meet Cute” but good.

  • BMW

    I remember that time on “growing Pains” Mrs. Seaver thought Ben was doing this, by making a video about how everyone ignored him, but the video was really just a ploy to get closer to a girl.I think Abed on “Community” did this once, too, with a video he was making (although his had a twist where he could predict how people would react before something actually happened, so characters in the video were reacting before people did in real life. Trope abuse on that show is totes on purpose, of course).

  • XanAvalon

    pish and tosh upon theJPGuy, with of course all due respect. “Mise en abysme” would be a better term here. “a story within a story” can after all be anything; a dream, a bit of wishful thinking, a “gee if I could just go back and do it over to make those bastards PAAAAAY!!”— or a morsel of undigested beef if we want to go back to Dickens’ take on it with the ghost business. What you describe here is “a story about a story within THE SAME story” which is a different matter entirely. Self-referentiallity on a cosmic scale. And thereby worthy of its own term. Which you have thoughtfully provided, although it sucks. “Chamber monsoon”, really? Sounds like a really industrial-strength menstrual product. I have nothing better to propose off the top of my head but this one needs work. Concept: new and unique. Terminology: fail. Keep working.

    • TheJPguy

      Peace, good pintpot, peace, good ticklebrain! I submit the whole Hamlet thing was a play within play about murdering the king, designed to expose ( and explicate) the real plot of the play….about the murder of a king. I want a new term as much as the next nerdist, but there are more things on heaven and earth that are dreamed of in your philosophy, XanAvalon…so Concept: not so new. Terminology: needs improvement.

  • zerosumgame0005

    not sure why i flashed on “The Nightman Cometh”…just funny I guess 😛