VIDEO: Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way

Roland looks at the game that started the tactical shooter trend. It didn’t exactly popularize it; that honor lies with Rainbow Six, but Spec Ops did come out first. What, you might ask, does the 1998 Spec Ops game have to do with the 2012 Spec Ops game? Nothing. Nothing at all.

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  • The_Stig

    I miss the days when the operative word in “tactical shooter” was TACTICAL and not shooter. Now it’s all Call of Doody. Blegh. 

    Say, what’s your favorite tactical shooter?

    • I think I already replied to this comment but it didn’t “go.” So here’s attempt number two.

      I think my favorite tactical shooter is probably Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, or maybe SWAT 3. I Tend to prefer the HRT style tactical shooter more than the military kind. But I also really like the Ghost Recon series (even 2 and GRAW, those were great!) and OpFlash/ArmA series.
      I guess I just really like tactical shooters! Real ones, not third person cover based shooters where you mow down 30 waves of mooks on a turret every level.

      • The_Stig

        As do I, Roland. As do I. I like shooters that require you to think. Which is why I like SWAT 4, in spite of the wonky AI. Games like that punish you for going all Rambo (and in the later levels, going Rambo is just plain stupid unless you really, really like dying) although following procedure does get tiring, it deducts from your score if you don’t.

        COD has its place, but that place isn’t on my shelf.

  • TheCrazyFish

    !!! You opened the restricted box! …judging from your description I’m thinking maybe you should have left it closed.

    • No I’m glad I did it. AND I’D DO IT AGAIN! BWA HA HA! You’ll never take me alive coppers! *dakka dakka dakka

      Nah but it was a nice game to have played, even if the actual playing wasn’t super fun.

  • Cristiona

    …switching to YouTube?

    • Well, I used to put my stuff on both YT and Blip, but I’d like to consolidate to Youtube. It’s just…. better in every way, ya know?