VIDEO: Spawn (1997)

Solkir presents his own abridged version of Spawn, the movie version of the Image Comics character that personified the dark/edgy superhero aesthetic of the ’90s. A military assassin is murdered by Martin Sheen and sent to hell, but makes a deal with the devil to come back as a powerful “Hellspawn”. But no hell could possibly be worse than this movie’s piss-poor CGI.

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  • The_Stig

    I thought the movie was pretty much a mixed bag.

  • danbreunig

    Excellent job and obscure reference point with the impression you did of the Spawn devil, Solkir. Anyone else notice that was Frank Welker’s voice for Scooter, while in the proper Spawn movie he used his voice of Dr. Claw?

    • Solkir

      Well what is Malebolgia really if not a crazy kook destroying the world?

  • chromesthesia

    You should watch the HBO show. It was really good. hehehhhehe “I have a spider now” LOL!

  • Cristiona

    “And noone could interfere with anyone’s work.”
    And that right there’s why the wheels feel off. Editors are a very necessary thing. Everyone seems to want to jettison editors as soon as they get the ability to do so, and the work almost always suffers as a result.

  • PropheTruth0010110

    A Youngblood movie COULD WORK, if someone took the basic concept, took all the crap off of it,and creatively made a good story. However since this is the age where TASM a crappy movie that is considered to be good, then YB isn’t far off in the future.

    • Max

      Linfeld you not smart realiy