VIDEO: Space Truckers (1996)

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Anything I put here is going to be overshadowed by the fact that this movie has a classically trained actor playing a one legged cyborg with an electric penis.

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  • Muthsarah


    For a Direct-to-DVD-quality film, this looks surprising good.  It’s colorful, its special effects aren’t total crap (by mid-90s standards), and the actors all look like they’ve learned their lines AND are having fun.  It’s a huge step up from the Megaladons of the world.  That said, I’m not remotely surprised it didn’t get a theatrical release.  I like camp, but I wouldn’t have even thought of seeing something like this; it just doesn’t look goofy enough to guarantee a good time, its budget and nice cast actually makes it look like they were trying to be good in the conventional sense.  Kind of like Pluto Nash.  Come to think of it, this looks like the movie Pluto Nash should have been.

    I also love that the cast seemed to have enjoyed it, since I tend to get self-conscious when I laugh AT movies whose cast and crew are probably embarrassed about it.  If a bunch of non-A-listers tried their best to make a movie and it just didn’t work out like they had hoped, I feel horrible mocking them.  It’s nice that these guys seem not to mind, but do you ever have a hard time watching schlock films like this?

    How the crap did they get Charles Dance of all people?  He’s now even cooler in my eyes than he was an hour ago.  As usual, I loved the behind-the-scenes stuff the best, but I wonder, how did you come across this movie?  Did you see it when it came out, did you find it on some video store shelf, or did someone slip it your way?

    The Poochie gag was hilarious, but I have to admit I was a lil’ disappointed not to hear any Star Fox music; some Sector X stuff have been perfect when they were dodging that black rock whatevers.  Also, did you notice at 7:52, when the suitcase bounces off the “glass”, right before cutting to show it plummeting out the other side?

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Good point. This is what Pluto Nash wanted to be but Eddie Murphy’s massive ego prevented. Also note, this cost about 1/10th of what Nash did.

      I think Dance, like Hopper, was looking to do something different for a change.

      I found this on cable in the 90s. I was flipping channels and came to the scene where Cindy was being attacked by Macanudo. That was enough for me to know I had to see this so I waited for it to be on again and watched it.

      Ah thank you! I was wondering if anyone would get the Poochie gag. Gah! Yes, some Star Fox music would have been good. As would Space Truckin by Deep Purple. Oh well, I can’t always get all the gags.

      Actually the suitcase does break the glass, I just cut away early.

  • $36060516

    I like your choice of movies but find myself turning off your videos because I feel like the whole movie is being shown, plot point by plot point, scene by scene, in rapid-fire detail, leaving nothing for me to discover were I to actually watch the movie.  If the purpose is to turn people on to these old movies so that they will go watch them maybe less detail should be given and only highlights shown.  At least that’s my two cents.  I’m sure you already considered that and decided to do it this way, which is your call of course!

    • Thomas Stockel

      I think in the opposite direction.  I have no urge whatsoever to see these films so I find Cecil’s recaps to be highly entertaining.  I think that is why Cecil does things the way he does because he realizes it is likely people are 1) unlikely to watch them or 2) unable to get ahold of them.

      Fun reveiw, btw, Cecil!

      • Cecil_Trachenburg


        This seems to be the general consensus. From the messages I’ve received most folks don’t seem to mind. I’ve had people tell me they’ve watched the movie after they’ve watched the episode and enjoyed it.

        I kind of look at it as seeing the movie by itself after watching it on MST3K.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      I used to go over a few points and leave the film mostly unspoiled. However as the show grew, I had more requests to just go through the whole movie. I’ve had folks that still track down and enjoy the film because even though I do go over the core, I do try to leave some things out.

      Believe me, it is something I go over in my head when picking an episode. There are some movies I’ve skipped simply because I don’t want to spoil them.

  • Marozeph

    Is it just me, or do the killer robots look a lot like the Geth from Mass Effect?

    • spiff2268

      Dammit, I was gonna say that!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      A bit, they also remind me of the comic book robot ROM.

  • Cheshire Cat

    Dennis Hopper is one of those can-be-A-list actors who works every role that is brought his way. And I mean EVERY ROLE. How else can one explain Super Mario Brothers (like this movie, a guilty pleasure of mine, shhhh).

    • Muthsarah

      Michael Caine is another one of those big actors who keeps finding his way into less-than-exemplary productions, but I like how he explains his process of choosing roles:

      1. Where are they filming it?
      2. Who’s doing the catering?

      I guess when you get to be as popular and recognizable as Caine or Hopper, you feel you can do anything you want and it won’t change your image one bit.  Just pick whichever production looks like it’ll be the most fun, and probably nothing that would require too much work.  Other than that, enjoy the party.  Drinks are on someone else.

      • Cheshire Cat

        Caine is a great actor, but sometimes his performances are tough to watch. Hopper, on the other hand, is enjoyable in pretty much anything.

        A sort of unknown little gem of Caine’s (and another guilty pleasure of mine) is Noises Off. Watchable, enjoyable, hilarious.

      • Cecil_Trachenburg

        Samuel Jackson almost took a role in Waterworld because of the location. He ended up going with another film (I don’t remember off the top of my head) because it was close to a very popular golf club.

        Wouldn’t it be nice to have your decision on what job you would take based on what you could do in your off time?

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      He’s one of those rare actors that likes to do just about anything and everything. Even though some of the movies he’s been in were bad, he never phones in a performance.


    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Hell yeah!

  • Dennis_Fischer

    Very good job, Cecile.  I covered this pic for Cinefantastique, and you do sum it up accurately.  Two small things–originally, another actor had been hired to play Macanudo, but Dennis Hopper told Stuart that he wasn’t up to snuff, and Dance was hired to replace him and did a marvelous job.  After the film was finished, the producers who put up the cast got into a squabble and couldn’t arrange a deal for U.S. theatrical distribution. I did get to see it projected theatrically, and barring a visible wire or three, it looked great.  (The head of CGI effects for the film was Brian Johnson, who’d worked on ALIEN).

    • Cecil_Trachenburg


      Very cool! Always interesting how movies play out. I’m glad they got Dance to play the role because he made it so memorable. A shame they weren’t able to make a sequel, I would have loved to have seen has character expanded upon.

      The effects still hold up. I know I pointed out the wires but really, I didn’t notice them until I started watching and re-watching the movie for this episode.

  • Egil Hellá

    Nice review Cecil Stuart Gordon is a awesome director and I really hope that he is going to make more movies like this one and by the way I am curious to know if you are going to make a review of Waterworld in the future because Waterworld is one of the best post apocalyptic ever made even if the main characters are pretty dull

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thank you! The last movie he made was Stuck and if you haven’t seen it, check it out. There really isn’t anything else like it. Very weird but very good. He has taken a break from directing because it is getting harder and harder for indie projects to get footing. A lot of quality directors are getting discouraged because younger, cheaper, music video directors are getting all the gigs.

      Waterworld is classic. So much went wrong but the look and scope of it are still impressive. It’s not without its flaws but still very entertaining. I like it and I’m totally going to do an episode on it at some point. :)

  • edharris1178

    Great video as always, Cecil.  I think I’ll have to track this one down.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thanks Ed! Yeah, you need to check this one out. The effects still look good and the BMWs are kickass. I think you’ll dig it. You should be able to find it cheap. Amazon has is for $5