Space Mutiny (1988) (part 7 of 7)

Lea and Ryder run out. Cut to several Masked Goons running into an empty room somewhere. After a lengthy search, they conclude Ryder and Lea aren’t in here, which somehow means they’ve lost them.

They report this to Kalgan. Apparently, this ends the red alert, because now Ryder and Lea are able to sneak up on two goons casually strolling down a staircase. Ryder now gets the bright idea of actually donning the Masked Goons’ masks. But this goes surprisingly badly, because when they try to casually walk into enemy territory, they instantly get challenged for ID.

And so, they have to brawl their way out of trouble once again. Realizing that the masks do them no good, and mess up their hair to boot, they ditch them.

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Kevin Podsiadlik

I've been a writer on the web for just about as long as there's been a web, writing mostly about pro wrestling in the 1990's and lately branching out into whatever catches my fancy. Sometimes (as a product of the golden age of the video arcade) I go by my initials, "KJP".

Multi-Part Article: Space Mutiny (1988)

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