Space Mutiny (1988) (part 5 of 7)

However, instead of logically following with a scene where Ryder and Lea report to Adam-Not, informing him of Kalgan’s duplicity, the movie instead gives us a weird little scene that provides a tenuous link between the Mutiny Movie and the Bellerian Movie.

Adam-Not, in what I suppose are his private quarters, requests the computer to open a file on “Bellerian behavior”. So I guess he’s finally doing that “personal research” he promised about 30 minutes ago. But why specifically their “behavior”, and not something more general? I couldn’t tell you, but the computer recites general information about them anyway: Priestesses, yadda yadda, practitioners of magic. This is intercut with shots of the plasma lamps and the Bellerians dancing all around them.

Soon we see Adam-Not… nodding off? Hey, you’re the one who asked for the info, pal! If you can’t stay interested, why should anyone else?

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Kevin Podsiadlik

I've been a writer on the web for just about as long as there's been a web, writing mostly about pro wrestling in the 1990's and lately branching out into whatever catches my fancy. Sometimes (as a product of the golden age of the video arcade) I go by my initials, "KJP".

Multi-Part Article: Space Mutiny (1988)

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