Space Mutiny (1988) (part 4 of 7)

Hey, look, it’s a new set! I’m going to call this the Industrial Garden, because essentially, it’s just another part of the factory, except they set up a lot of plants, a few yards of artificial turf, and some sort of fountain, all to convey the idea that this is a greenhouse. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the convincing illusion they were going for, because all the industrial equipment is painted bright red, and completely noticeable.

Caption contributed by Kevin

The generators are in full bloom this time of year!

Lea is tending to some of the plants, when up strolls Ryder. He’s decided, for whatever reason, to try again to make peace with her. At first, Lea isn’t having any of it, but when Ryder mentions that the Professor was a friend of his too, that somehow breaks the ice. But before she can respond, Ryder gives up and storms off again.

And so he heads on over to the ship’s disco. Yes, the disco. I’m guessing that when they bought the 1978 computer graphics equipment, a set of 8-track tapes were thrown in free of charge.

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Kevin Podsiadlik

I've been a writer on the web for just about as long as there's been a web, writing mostly about pro wrestling in the 1990's and lately branching out into whatever catches my fancy. Sometimes (as a product of the golden age of the video arcade) I go by my initials, "KJP".

Multi-Part Article: Space Mutiny (1988)

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