Space Mutiny (1988) (part 1 of 7)

The Cast of Characters:
Reb Brown as David RyderDavid Ryder (Reb Brown). The Official Hero of the Film, who has the unfortunate tendency to let his battle yells stray into soprano levels.
Cameron Mitchell as Commander Alex JansenCommander Alex Jansen (Cameron Mitchell). Supposedly the leader of a multi-generational spaceship called the Southern Sun, but it’s hard to picture him commanding a dog.
Cisse Cameron as Lea JansenLea Jansen (Cisse Cameron). Daughter of Commander Jansen, and wise beyond her years. Or rather, aged beyond her years. Is nevertheless foisted upon us as a sex object.
John Phillip Law as Elijah KalganElijah Kalgan (John Phillip Law). The head of security on the Southern Sun, and leader of the “space mutiny”. His primary goal is to get off the ship. It’s not at all clear what’s stopping him.
James Ryan as MacPhearsonMacPhearson (James Ryan). Head of Engineering. Compensates for his crippling injury—which might just be a severed hamstring—with an overdeveloped hambone. Works undercover as Kalgan’s right-hand man, until Kalgan blows his cover for no particular reason.
Graham Clarke as Captain Scott DeversCaptain Scott Devers (Graham Clarke). Has so much screen time, you almost don’t notice he never does a damn thing.
Billy Second as Lt. LemontLt. Lemont (Billy Second). Quite likely the most competent person on the ship. As such, is doomed to a fate worse than death. Literally.
Madyelene Reynel, voiced by Camille Mitchell as JenneraJennera (Madyelene Reynel, voiced by Camille Mitchell). Leader of a group of mystical women called the Bellerians. The filmmakers would like you to believe they’re an integral part of the story. The film itself may prove otherwise.
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Kevin Podsiadlik

I've been a writer on the web for just about as long as there's been a web, writing mostly about pro wrestling in the 1990's and lately branching out into whatever catches my fancy. Sometimes (as a product of the golden age of the video arcade) I go by my initials, "KJP".

Multi-Part Article: Space Mutiny (1988)

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  • Corey Watts

    This movie is just another fine example of why the 80’s dominated. Flagrant cheese, extra poofy hair, and any excuse to infuse the perfectly imperfect sex appeal of 80’s women. It is hard to imagine, but after reading the cover for the DVD (double feature set including ‘Firehead’) and it’s description of the movie “worse sci fi since Planet 9…” or something, I expected it to be worse. As it was, the movie was just about what I expected out of an ’88 budget masterpiece.

  • Allison

    I started reading this in dribs and drabs on Sunday, while recuperating from a sinus infection. I’ve had a bad cough for a few days, so I laughed on the inside (because hysterical laughter would have been painful).

    The scene of coital bliss reminds me of the part on MST3K “Oh hunk…oh slab…” I also loved the scream on the Enforcer.

    This movie was epic, full of so much epic badness and Reb Brown’s legendary “acting.” I think his battle cries were written into the scripts for movies he has done. And Cisse Cameron…honestly, it blows my mind that there is no way to find out how old she is, yet Reb didn’t look his 40 years when he made this movie. He does have an impressive physique, and I found myself staring at his “Dirk Hardpecks” during the film.

    I am led to believe that Reb’s battle cry could provoke my brother and sister-in-law’s two Yorkies into running to my front door while barking.

    Great recap, this was hilarious! I need to watch the film again!

  • midnightcyn

    Cisse Cameron was 34 when this was filmed; her info is now on IMDb.

  • RCD

    Cisse Cameron (née Colpitts) was a lot older than 34 when this was filmed. She gives her birth year as 1954 yet she won a college beauty contest as Miss Watermelon Bust (no kidding!) in 1967 and did some modeling work in the latter 1960s. I’m guessing she’s 7 years older than she claims.

  • Jezebel

    Reading this is brings it all back like I watched it the other day. Wait! I did! Great job.