Space: 1999 “Breakaway” (part 3 of 6)

Koenig looks around Russell’s nearly empty office, and decides to play with her microscope. He identifies it as the same model used by Marie Curie. On the one hand, it’s pretty impressive he knows that. On the other hand, dude’s about to break a 112-year-old microscope.

Caption contributed by Jordon

“This microscope will be perfect for my collection of stuff that has no business being on the moon!”

Koenig asks when the astronauts will recover from the Meta probe virus. Russell replies that it’s not a virus. This leads to dialogue that, once again, needs to be heard to be truly experienced:

Russell: Their condition is critical.
Koenig: So, they’re not going to recover.
Russell: [Stares in silence because someone forgot to push the play button.]

Russell takes Koenig over to a fairly advanced-looking desktop computer, assuming you consider the Commodore PET to be advanced-looking. It appears someone has busted out the screen and replaced it with an Okudagram of a person’s head. There’s a huge, red spot in the guy’s brain. I’m no doctor, but I would give this guy nineteen seconds to live.

Space: 1999 "Breakaway" (part 3 of 6)

The Commander and the Doctor then have a very boring conversation, where not only do they repeat everything they’ve already told us, but they wait two seconds between each line. I’ve been on conference calls with people in Australia that had a shorter delay.

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Multi-Part Article: Space: 1999 "Breakaway"

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  • A nice little bit of trivia for this show is the fact that the Moonbase sets and many other items were all left over from the ITV show UFO, a hysterically strange show that makes Space: 1999 look coherent. It was set in futuristic 1980. Supposedly some of the scripts planned for episodes of UFO were simply rewritten for the Space 1999 show after UFO was canceled. You can see how scripts written for a show about a secret military organization defending Earth from invading aliens might result in a jumbled mess when forced to conform to another show’s “The Moon goes be-bopping all over the universe” premise.