Space: 1999 “Breakaway” (part 2 of 6)

Koenig gets a video call from earth. It’s from the vaguely evil Commissioner Simmons, played by vaguely evil character actor Roy Dotrice, seen previously on this website in the Olivia Newton-John sci-fi musical Toomorrow.

Space: 1999 "Breakaway" (part 2 of 6)

Right now, his job is to exposit. And exposit he does, in a vaguely evil manner. It turns out that the current mission of the moonbase is to launch a manned probe to “Meta”, which is some sort of wandering planet that’s getting ready to wander near the moon. They’ve just learned that Meta has an atmosphere and could support life. But there’s been a bit of a snag. As the Commissioner explains, “The Meta probe astronaut virus infection must not be allowed to stop us.”

I don’t understand this. First of all, how do they know there’s a Meta probe astronaut virus infection if they have yet to send astronauts to Meta? Second, even if there is a virus infection, all this means is the mission would be a one-way trip, and anyone sent to Meta would most likely have to live out the rest of their lives there. But I’m sure they’d still find lots of astronauts willing to volunteer. Astronauts love to volunteer. In fact, last I checked, our astronaut program was staffed entirely by volunteers.

In any case, I hope Lloyd Kaufman is reading this, because Astronaut Virus Infection would be a great name for a Troma movie. An even better name? Astronaut Naked Infection.

Commissioner Simmons then appoints Koenig to be the new commander of the moonbase. So wait, Koenig left for the moon before he was even appointed? That takes some balls. Also, we learn that the name of the moonbase is “Alpha”. That’s the name: Moonbase Alpha. You’d think that a show that gave us “Meta probe astronaut virus infection” would be a little more creative in its moonbase naming.

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Multi-Part Article: Space: 1999 "Breakaway"

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