VIDEO: South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014)

Sofie reviews South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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  • Gallen_Dugall

    Background cat!

    • Gallen_Dugall

      Technically what you’ve called “classic RPG combat” is more accurately described as “Japanese RPG combat” since it fits that very distinct form most closely.
      SP:TSoT follows in that grand Japanese RPG tradition of routing you from one scripted set piece gag or encounter to the next and adopts the more modern conceit of arranging these in an “open world” allowing the player minimal freedom in choosing the order in which these scripted events are encountered. There are also lots of Easter Eggs to provide the scripted settings some much needed depth. Because of this it can be considered not so much a “Game” as it is an “Interactive Movie” which is an observation and not a criticism.

  • danbreunig

    Yay, Christian’s back!! I enjoy his cosplays quite a lot (his day job?)…plus I envy the guy who can literally sweep you off your feet. If he’s Subzero, then are you Scarlet Defender?
    You can poke your kitty with a sword only enough times before she schemes vengeance, as cats may.

    I’ve heard only good spoken about The Stick Of Truth, from combining so many elements like obvious and hidden inside South Park references tied to the show’s whole history, to the true Larping like you say, and that the gameplay functions so clean and direct. The only complaint I’ve ever heard (mostly from Unusual Suspect about the same game) is that it’s over too soon, which just reflects how well the playthrough functions. That *may* push me to check it out, since I know South Park already and I’d rather try out a short game rather than spend my waking life only gaming.

    This is the one game you reviewed thus far that I’m most intrigued to try out, mostly because I’m very familiar with South Park already. I’ve watched it since its debut back in 1997, and if you were to start watching from the beginning you’ll likely wince because back then its real appeal really was about little kids swearing all the time. As the seasons went on characters got deeper, several story arcs occurred, whole character and setting histories were explored during its roughly 20 some seasons (hey, by that logic South Park is my very own One Piece!) and especially in the last half of its life it shows controversial topics and trends of the current day–which can also be dangerous for comedy, since topical humor seldom dates well. I don’t blame you for not getting into the show beyond a handful of episodes, because it’s too much show to take in and all in order, and you need a particluar taste for it, but if you can afford to get hooked, it can be well worth it. It’s just a matter of if you want to invest yourself that much into it.