The Sound Booth Won’t Have Movie Trailer Voice-Over Legend Hal Douglas To Kick Around Anymore

The Sound Booth Won't Have Movie Trailer Voice-Over Legend Hal Douglas To Kick Around Anymore

You might not have known the name, but you always knew the voice. The dulcet tones of Hal Douglas enlivened movie trailers for years, so many times when you were still checking your phone and waiting for the main attraction to finally start, you were listening to Douglas. He passed away at age 89 late last week.

Did you sit through the trailer for Lethal Weapon, a movie made when Mel Gibson was bearable and we didn’t yet know he was a Jesus-humping racist? Hal Douglas was talking at you.

Did you, for some inexplicable reason, watch all of Kevin Costner’s Waterworld? Hal Douglas on the voiceover. Forrest Gump? Douglas. Philadelphia? Douglas. You get the picture.

Douglas was perfectly aware that his voiceovers could be a goofy cliche, and played a not-really-veiled version of himself for the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian.

True fact: we have no idea what that movie was about and will never see it, but we’d listen to Douglas make fun of himself again and again, which is sadly what we’ll be reduced to since his voice will grace trailers no more.


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  • Enfant Terrible

    In a world, where movie trailers are more compelling than the actual movies they are begging you to see, a man, with a dream, strode out of the West… or the North… or somewhere. To change everything we believe about… movies. A man named Hal Douglas.OK, that’s all I’ve got. Rest in peace, Mr. Douglas.