Ten Songs That Lady Gaga Should Perform When She Goes To Outer Space

So Lady Gaga is going to sing in outer space, thanks to Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and his giant pile of money.

Lady Gaga will soon hit pop music heights only dreamed of by the likes of David Bowie and will.i.am. Us Weekly reports that, thanks to Virgin Galactic, the diva will be heading into space to give a special performance for her fans in early 2015.

The performance, which will comprise one song, will come as a part of the Zero G Colony music festival, a three-day spectacle taking place at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

One song? ONE SONG?? INPEACH LADY GAGA. This thing should go at least ten songs, given all the trouble she’d be going to just to get to space. Here’s the space jams we’re like to hear.

Entrance music:

Also Spake Zarathustra (2001 A Space Odyssey) – Richard Strauss

Shatner tribute:

William Shatner – Rocket Man

William Shatner – Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds

Dance interlude:

Lemon Jelly – Spacewalk

Meco – Cantina Band


Team Shining Star for life:

Shining Star – Earth Wind and Fire

Stryper – Shining Star


Slow it down a little bit:

The Space Race is Over – Billy Bragg

Big Finish:

Sammy Davis Junior – Up Up and Away


Star Wars – Bill Murray

[The Verge]

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  • johnnymeatworth

    What about “Whitey On The Moon’ by Gil Scott-Heron?

    • johnnymeatworth

      Or “The Great Gig In The Sky” by Pink Floyd?

  • $73376667

    Second day in a row you found an excuse to post Stryper?Are you OK? Do we need an intervention?

    • I almost posted the Stryper version of Shining Star yesterday in that fetus article but decided it wasn’t Jesus-y enough.

  • Virtual Cruiser

    Ooo, oo, what about this?(Rocket Ship, by Kathy McCarty)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZLdgb3kZpMCan I post YouTube clips in comments, or is that bad?It has bonus Joni Mitchell relevance…

    • YouTube clips always cool and encouraged – they just get sent to moderation first so that spammers can’t YouTube all over the place.