RAW FEED: Solkir and Fanfiction: One Last Talk with Hobbes

In which we look at the most inexplicably popular fanfiction on the internet.

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  • Muthsarah

    Solkir, I’ll be as brief as I can. I’ve been the angry geek raging about lack of faithfulness towards a source one feels passionately towards, but all the same:

    I understand what you’re saying about people missing the point of a franchise/iconic character. But why get so butthurt over a minor fanfic’er? I get the rage towards a big Hollywood product who, by its very nature and scale, is threatening to swallow up and replace a whole generation-old media product with a focus-group-driven lowest-common-denominator re-interpretation (LotR). But this is just a fanfic story, and an incredibly short one. Is it REALLY that big a deal if some anonymous person doesn’t see it the way you do, and wants to go off in a different direction such that he/she feels he can write about? It’s nothing to be insulted, or threatened, about.

    Had they made a C&H cartoon and completely ****ed it up (as they so woulda had they coulda), I could understand. But they couldn’t, and they didn’t. Watterson preserved C&H for all time by refusing to give anyone else an inch. And he held out. He succeeded. It’s SAFE. For us. For all time. There’s no real re-interpretation of the works, or its universe. It is ENTIRELY self-contained. It’s hermetically sealed. Forever. Or at least until either B.W. dies and/or Hollywood lawyers find a way to screw his works over and make it anyway because of some technicality that only applies to the rich.

    This is all about a simple fanfic and its no-name writer. It’s not worth it. Why is this threatening to you? If anything, the typos and ENG 101-level writing mistakes should have only make it seem more innocuous.

    I grew up with C&H too. And with LotR. I felt threatened, partly by the re-interpretation of the latter, and mostly by the wide public acceptance of the same, and it took me years to get over it (I still don’t like it, and I still don’t ever want to see it again), but this? Nothing. Pure nothing. Nothing that could ever, in any way, take the place of the comics or the compilation books. I hope you can get over this too.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Couple of years ago, I read a “Case Closed”-Fanfic (Detective Conan-Fanfic), in which Conan – who is a child in appearance only, yelled “Wegen euch geht es meiner Ran schlecht.” (Because of you, my Ran is feeling unwell.)
      One could argue, that Shinichi (Conans real name) was pretending to be a kid, but… even if Shinichi is playing Conan, at least, he would not phrase it this way.

      However – this certain fanfic author viewed it differently. And in this case, Solkir, the author of this fanfic viewed it differently. And what did you say, was Calvin and Hobbes about? Right – perspective.

    • Solkir

      The comments man…you didn’t see the comments.

      • Guest

        Were the comments that bad?

        • Solkir

          It’s just thousands of people talking about how beautiful and wonderful the story is. The headline on the link being shared on facebook is “This Person Just Changed the Way we Look at Calvin and Hobbes.” I know it’s just this shitty fanfic and should have no bearing on anything, but a lot of people are reading it and loving it. *shudder*

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            hey, Solkir – that’s okay.
            I know how you feel – and again, it is all about perspective.
            You see C&H one way, other people see it differently.
            When I read Calvin and Hobbes in my newspaper, I think “Hm, thats nice” – but not “Oh my gosh, that is SOOOO deep.” or “Oh my god, this is worth buying all of the comic-book-trades I can find.”

            Take Birds of Prey for example: You think, it is a shitty show, I think, it is damn entertaining.
            Take the works of Quentin Tarrantino, that I watched (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs): People are praising them, calling them brilliant, saying that they are masterpieces. I watched them and thought: “They are terrible. How can they be viewed as GOOD?”
            Of course, if you say that, the answer you get is “Ahhh, you didn’t understand the movie.”
            Take the Nolan-Batman-Movies: I wanted to like them – I really, really did.
            But during the first viewing of “Batman begins”, I just thought: “End this movie – just end this joyless piece of crap already.”

    • Solkir

      For the record. While I disagree with it, I value your feedback. If I said anyone had made nonsensical comments, it wasn’t in reference to you.

      • Muthsarah

        Umm…I have no idea how such a thing could be so interpreted. No offense was taken. No offense was possible.

        • Solkir

          It’s nothing you said. I just don’t want the wild accusations of others to fuck with you, or the other cool people.

  • Animikean

    I feel you, without Bloom County/Outland I would never have read comic books and I’d be a lesser artist and person. Luckily there’s not a fanfic on those (do not correct me, please)

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Even if that’s the case, Solkirs reaction is waaaaaaay over the top and excessive. Hell, I grew up with Mask and transformers and watch the movies and think “Well, they did the best they could.”