RAW FEED: Sofie talks about "Mad Max; Fury Road" and "Avengers Age of Ultron."

Let it be no secret, I am a huge Marvel fan, I’ve watched all the big cross univers Marvel movies in cinema.
So well, I was baffled over the “Controversial.” regarding the last one.

And then “Mad Max fury road.” came out, and new “Controversial.” which seemed in the extreme opposit occured. Well, out of spite I went ot cinema to watch and here I am with my friend Christian merely talking about each movie.

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  • Muthsarah

    To quote myself, in the comment section of your Guardians of the Galaxy review, almost a year ago:

    “One of these days, Sofie. One of these days…….I will actually feel likewise [as you] towards a geek-bait summer film.”

    I saw Mad Max: Fury Road last Friday, opening day. Left work early. Went to the big multiplex downtown. Paid for popcorn (over eight bucks!). It was an evening of a lot of firsts. Here’s one more: ENJOYED a big, splashy summer movie. Saw it 3D, so it looked at least 200% like a cartoon. Dunno what the 2D looked like, but I suspect any semblances of realism would have (at most) done nothing, and (at least) ruined the crazy 80s vibe. Even dodgy special effects look great if they’re being channeled through the 80s, when even GOOD effects looked a little off. It was a blast, EVERYTHING I was hoping it would be. Over-the-top, crazy, balls-to-the-wall, haters-be-damned-I’m-a-visionary-with-money fun. Did The Road Warrior mighty proud.

    I’ve never been a mark for post-apocalypic tales, but I like an action movie that can deliver the goods and not get bogged down pandering to the masses (see also: Dredd…and The Raid while we’re at it). This movie was MADE for those who can have fun with a shallow, stylish, cacophonous, oh-so-heavy-metal 80s-throwback…as made by a guy who remembers when films could be shallow, stylish, cacophonous, heavy-metalish messes, and didn’t NEED modern CGI. This movie woulda worked 25-30 years ago, I’m sure of that. Effects woulda been dodgy. The “wives”‘s hair woulda been a hell of a lot bigger. But that’s only surface stuff. Fury Road had the heart. It BLED 80s.

    Great film. And I’m so happy to FINALLY be able to agree with you about something. :)

    P.S. If you haven’t seen “The Road Warrior” (you didn’t mention it, above), do. It’ll seem ancient compared to this, but, you’re smart. You can place yourself in a past time, I’m sure. I think it’ll help you to appreciate Fury Road all the more, to see how Miller operated before modern visual effects. It’ll be simple. It’ll be Spartan. It’ll have little more than its amazing visual effects and naked ambition to recommend it to you. But I hope that’d be enough for you, as it was for me. And I only saw that for the first time maybe two years ago. Can’t say I was there, with the old school Mad Max fans. But at least Fury Road gave me a theatrical experience (I assume, I hope) is comparable.